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Type Demo
License $25
Version 4.0.3
Date Added 9/9/2002
Size 13 MB
Downloads 12,666
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TacOps 4.0.3

TacOps is a simulation of contemporary and near-future tactical, ground, combat between United States (US), Canadian (CA), and New Zealand/Australian forces versus various opposing forces (OPFOR). Most of the vehicles, unit organizations, and weapons utilized in today's world by these forces are present in the game. Some weapons and capabilities that are likely to be available over the next ten years are included as options, as well as some older organizations and weapons. The movement and interaction of infantry and armor units is treated with great detail. Supporting air and artillery activities are treated more conceptually.

The primary simulation focus of TacOps is ground operations from the perspective of the battalion or regimental commander. You are a commander, not a gunner. Your control of weapons fire is limited to positioning your units with movement and disposition orders, setting minimum or maximum engagement ranges, and designating priority targets during the orders phase of a 60 second game turn. During the combat phase, your units will automatically choose their actual targets.

TacOps is played in turns. Each turn consists of two phases: an orders phase and a combat phase. Each phase occurs simultaneously for both players. During the combat phase the units of both forces, under computer control, simultaneously carry out their orders for movement and combat in four, fifteen second pulses. You only observe during the combat phase; you can not give or change orders until the next orders phase. In addition, "fog of war" is simulated by showing enemy units only if they are in some friendly unit's line of sight and visual range. You may also choose to see all units at all times.

Mac Games System Requirements

Classic and Mac OS X
• MacOS 8.0 through 9.x
• Mac OSX (Classic mode only)
• PowerMac or newer
• Minimum of 10 MB of free memory. Fifteen to twenty recommended.
• Video Card capable of 256 colors or greater and 800x600 or greater resolution

Mac Games Download

TacOps (4.0.3) 12.5 Mb
TacOps (Update 3.1.1)

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TacOps Updater 4.0.6 - Update your version of TacOps to 4.0.6 (Update, 19.3 MB)

TacOps Map Tool 1.0.2 - Make maps for TacOps (Shareware, 107 K)

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Muter (4/12/2004 - version 4.0.3)
I agree with Opiate and Norbert K. Why the hell is this under OS X?! Of course it can run under Cassic, they all can. Would get 1, but it's good to see a war game with New Zealand reperstin' as us kiwis very rearly see our countrys (almost non-existent) army in a war game, thus it gets 2.
Mac Games Rating SeaN (5/22/2003 - version 4.0.3)
(Belches) Oh dear...... im CONFUSED! this is more confusing then ANY stratagy game iv'e played!
Mac Games Rating Karellen (10/21/2002 - version 4.0.3)
Modern battlefield warfare, rich with detail. Graphical gee-whizziness is not really the issue here. This is a deep, difficult game of strategy and tactics. Interest level will surely depend on the player's interest in modern-day weaponry and battlefield methods, however.
Mac Games Rating Opiate (9/10/2002 - version 4.0.3)'s ridiculous aversion to releasing OS X versions of their games is just insane. Oh, god forbid they update their code like every other developer, big and small, on the platform is doing.However, the 1 star here is for listing this as an "OS X" program then stating in the description that it runs in classic. That's a lie.
Mac Games Rating ?Ώ? (9/10/2002 - version 4.0.3)
Half decent, the price is all too high though!

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