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  CarBall 2.6 - Unreal Tournament 2004 soccer game mod 128.9MB   unreal tournament  
  Conquest Marines v4989 - Multiplayer Total Conversion for UT2003. 47MB   unreal tournament  
  Elemental Conflict v 2.00 - UT2003 mod featuring many gameplay changes 33MB   unreal tournament  
  Atlantis: Fight For Earth v1.0 - UT2004 mod. 76MB   unreal tournament  
  Clone Bandits v1 - Mod for UT2k4 51MB   unreal tournament  
  UnWheel beta 3 - Driving modification for UT2003/2004 148MB   unreal tournament  
  FaceOff v1.0 - Total conversion for UT2003. 73MB   unreal tournament  
  Silent Assassins v0.2 RC1 - Unreal Tournament Mod. 38MB   unreal tournament  
  Frag.Ops v1.37 - Unreal Tournament 2004 Total Conversion. 450MB   unreal tournament  
  Infiltration 2.90 - A military modification for Unreal Tournament. 532MB   unreal tournament  
  Marathon | Rampancy 1.0b1 - Mod for Unreal Tournament 13MB   unreal tournament  
  Marathon: Resurrection 1.2 - Relive Marathon as an Unreal Tournament MOD 120MB   unreal tournament  
  U4E 6.02 - A Mod that introduces tons of sadistic weapons to UT 29MB   unreal tournament  
  MatrixMoves Beta 4 - Allows a UT player to perform Matrix moves 150K   unreal tournament  
  Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack #4 - Brand-spanking new UT bonus pack with new levels 14MB   unreal tournament  
  Unreal Tournament Classes Beta 1.20 - A mod that adds 12 classes to UT and a few new weapons 4MB   unreal tournament  
  Tally Ho! Beta 8 - It's you and everyone else versus the monsters... 236K   unreal tournament  
  ChaosUT Mod - ChaosUT features seven diverse new weapons, a bunch of new maps, and more!! 33MB   unreal tournament  
  UT: HolyWars 102 - UT Mod where you fight for a Halo (Unreal Tournament) 4MB   unreal tournament  
  Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack #3 - Six great maps created by the veteran Cedric Fiorentino (Unreal Tournament) 5MB   unreal tournament  
  Mind Reader - Allows you to see how bots operate in UT (Unreal Tournament) 97K   unreal tournament  
  Minions of Destruction - The more you kill, the more powerful you get (Unreal Tournament) 4MB   unreal tournament  
  Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack #2 - Three seperate mutators in one (Unreal Tournament) 82K   unreal tournament  
  Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack #1 - Add-on package for (Unreal Tournament) 13MB   unreal tournament  
  Jumbo Pickups - Increase the size of basically...everything (Unreal Tournament) 5K   unreal tournament  
  Hunting 1.0 - It's a duck hunt out of control! (Unreal Tournament) 65K   unreal tournament  
  Color Match - Team colored versions of your weapons (Unreal Tournament) 4MB   unreal tournament  
  Soul Harvest - You can frag, but can you reap their souls? (Unreal Tournament) 126K   unreal tournament  
  Pinata - You die, you lose your inventory (Unreal Tournament) 24K   unreal tournament  
  No Item UT (NIUT) - Limits everyone to the same weapon (Unreal Tournament) 151K   unreal tournament  
  Slay Alarm - Alerts you to an easy kill (Unreal Tournament) 4K   unreal tournament  
  RuneZ - Adds runes to the game (Unreal Tournament) 21K   unreal tournament  
  Old Skool - Play with Unreal's old weapons (Unreal Tournament) 4K   unreal tournament  
  Snipe v95 - Adds a sniper dot to both shock and sniper rifles (Unreal Tournament) 56K   unreal tournament  
  Spray Paint - Tag the walls with selectable logos (Unreal Tournament) 490K   unreal tournament  
  Super Sneakers - Three various mods improving gameplay (Unreal Tournament) 34K   unreal tournament  
  UWar 1.2 - More powerups equals more power... (Unreal Tournament) 107K   unreal tournament  
  Catch-Up - The more you die, the more weapons you respawn with (Unreal Tournament) 20K   unreal tournament  
  Decal Stay - Customize the length of time a decal stays visibile (Unreal Tournament) 35K   unreal tournament  
  Disgraced 1.0 - Funny new messages for Impact Hammer kills (Unreal Tournament) 89K   unreal tournament  
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