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Publisher Red Marble Games
Type Demo
License 22.95
Version 1.48
Date Added 1/13/2011
Size 56.5 MB
Downloads This Version 1,187
Downloads of All Time 1,835
Gratuitous Space Battles 1.48
The ultimate space strategy game!

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Mac Games Rating Mako109 (1/15/2011 - version 1.48)
I agree half with Big Bill, and half with Dara. They covered most of the main points. While a fun, creative, and interesting game, it loses its appeal after a little while. But still worth it.
Mac Games Rating Dara (8/9/2010 - version 1.42)
I won't say this is the best game out there, but I for one truly enjoyed it. It's very moddable, and while the mac port is still not quite up to speed with the PC version, it has its own charm. It suits a specific type of gamer, mind you- if you enjoy building ships and making them explode other ships- that is, strategizing about ship loadouts rather than their positions on the field- this is likely the game for you. If you enjoy modding said games and adding your own unique vessels and modules, this is also the game for you. If you want direct control over conflicts in every way, like in an RTS, this is not that game. I, for one, quite enjoy a bit of random chaos in my battles. And it at least lives up to its name. It promises nothing other than what it is: A buncha rather gratuitous battles without the boredom of base-building. Also, it's indy funded, so wow, you don't even have to fork fifty dollars over to some corporate producer to have your fun. The concept may not be the most original- except for stacking fleets against one another in battles as being the main feature rather than a byproduct of space battle strategy. Five joy stick icons from a satisfied customer.
Mac Games Rating Big Bill Brassky (8/7/2010 - version 1.42)
Kind of fun, but loses its appeal after a while. The various ship designs are cool-looking, but it's all cosmetic. The ships don't really maneuver (fighters being the exception), they just sort of get closer to each other until they're in range and blast away at each other. If you're expecting to re-enact some of the major fleet battles from Star Trek or anything like that, you will probably be disappointed. That said, watching ships blast each other to pieces can be a fun way to kill 15-20 minutes.

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Gratuitous Space Battles

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