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Darkwind: War On Wheels
Mac Games Details
Publisher Psychic Software
Type Shareware
License Free and subscription
Version June 2008
Date Added 7/1/2008
Size 112 MB
Downloads 1,886
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Darkwind: War On Wheels June 2008

The game is free to play in a limited way. Full features are available to subscribers only.

Darkwind is a turn-based, 3D persistent-world multiplayer wargame set in the near future, which combines the depth of detail inherent in turn-based games, with long-term strategic elements that keep the challenge going for months/years. The game is staged on a sparsely populated continent, one of the few surviving areas of civilisation. The focus of the game is on vehicular combat - cars with guns - both in the wilderness and in manmade arenas and racing circuits. Gameplay is split between a web interface (for strategic management) and a 3D interface which supports Windows and Mac OSX (for control of your characters and vehicles during a combat or race).

Background story
A disastrous solar event in 2019 and 2020 leaves the world devastated, with only small pockets of human survivors scratching out a living in a bleak, irradiated world. Largely fuelled by the stockpiles of hardware left behind by a dead civilization combined with the desperation of a new world order, the gladiatorial deathsports begin, around 2035. The vast
expanses of wilderness between the towns are menaced by gangs of road pirates armed with heavily armed cars and trucks, and travelled by equally well armed trade groups, making a living by carrying food, fuel, and other specialist equipment between the towns.

Recent changes (quoted from Lead Developper and designer Sam Redfern):
The introduction of characters-on-foot allows players to get out and run away from a broken car before it explodes, engage in carjacking fun, and also to turn over a 'turtled' car. I spent some time working on pedestrian-specific features, for example they can crouch down behind cover and the game automatically figures out an angle from which they can fire rather than blasting away into their cover.

I have also spent significant time improving the Artificial Intelligence of NPC cars and pedestrians. They now have much improved pathfinding, as well as tactics - getting their peds to seek out and fight from behind cover, getting their cars to move themselves to their optimum range for their weapons, getting them to avoid becoming isolated in a combat.

If you're interested in reading up on some of the in-game happenings from a roleplaying perspective, our player-run bi-weekly (in game = bi-monthly) Darkwind Gazette is a good place to start.

The 2046 season has just started, and runs for the next 12 weeks. So now is a great time to try out the game again, and try your chances in our 13 different leagues and ladders, all of which are free to play in. This season sees the introduction of pedestrian combat leagues, including a paintball one.

Mac Games System Requirements

Universal Binary (PPC/Intel)
32 MB (but 64MB+ suggested) Graphics Card Supporting OpenGL

Any Internet Connection (modem as well but not recommended)

Mac Games Download

Darkwind: War On Wheels

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating simonmaxhill (7/23/2008 - version June 2008)
Cars! Guns! Mutants! Those three things are a great combo. What also makes this game great is how it is the exact opposite of a "casual" game. The game is sometimes so punishing that you feel like you're playing a PC game from the late 80's - very difficult, but not impossible. The multiplayer community for it is remarkably mature (and older) and also remarkably dedicated to playing (do these people have jobs?) The developer(s) are very responsive to player requests, criticism, etc and the game evolves on a monthly basis. Cons: It's a good thing the developers are so responsive, because sometimes feels like you're playing a beta. Not all wrinkles are ironed out! Hardware-wise, I've been able to handle the game on a 2.16GHz Macbook. I've been more or less addicted for for about 4 months.
Mac Games Rating JD_Basher (7/23/2008 - version June 2008)
CMA probably had problems with his graphics settings which are easily fixed with patience and posting questions to the forums available. He would have gotten at least 5 responses from players AND the development team to resolve his problems. This game RAWKS!.... If you like racing and shooting at the same time, this might be the game for you! You can race other players with no guns, or arm them up and hit the track! You can also join an Arena combat held in a confined area, chock full of hiding spots to ambush the unwary or long lanes to rev up your car, get some speed and flash through with guns blazing! If Wilderness is your style, you can get a Veteran to take you on an outing where you take a "borrowed" car and join his squad and fight some of the REAL baddies! For free, you can race, deathrace fight in arenas and go in the wilds in a limited way. As a Subscriber, you can buy, own and customize any car you buy or loot from the wilds with a huge amount of weapons, tire choices, paint schemes. You can also run trading missions between towns! There is so much more available.... Go to the site and read about it or join us in the lobby and ask questions!.... We'll be there!
Mac Games Rating CMA (7/6/2008 - version June 2008)
Terrible unplayable, super slow.
Mac Games Rating Pollux (7/3/2008 - version June 2008)
A must have for miniatures and Car Wars fans. The turn based allow you to control multiple vehicles at once. The community is very friendly and has been helpful to start playing. I would like to add the developper is a very nice guy to talk with and often submit new features through a poll to the players and fan base.

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