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Publisher Aspyr Media
Type Update
Version 1.5
Date Added 6/16/2008
Size 112 MB
Downloads 4,704
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars 1.5
Update ET:QW To Version 1.5

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Mac Games Rating Nagromme (8/11/2008 - version 1.5)
Single best game I've ever bought. Best story? No--it's not story-driven. Best graphics? Almost, put Prey looks better. Most original? To me yes, since I never got into class-based shooters, but I know it's largely an extension of Wolfenstein:ET. So why is it the best money I ever spent on a Mac game? Because I've had a blast for 75 hours and show no sign of getting bored or running out of new stuff to try. You have smart bots for offline play, but online is the most fun--and I hate online in most games because of how people act. The occasional jerks don't ruin QW for me. Does the PC version run faster? I wouldn't know--I cannot tolerate rebooting to play a 20-minute battle. Class-based shooters aren't for everyone. I thought they weren't for me! I was wrong--this game is awesome. Google for tactics and learn the full depth, or just find one role to get comfortable with. But don't ignore the other classes: playing a different class is like a whole new game. And don't be confused by the "12 maps" thing--the "maps" are far bigger and more complex than most games would call a map. Each map has on average 3 different objective areas (each is like a "map" unto itself), and each of the 10 classes (5 human, 5 alien) provide a very different experience. So you really have 12x3x10 = 360 different fights to explore--and infinite room for being creative and finding new approaches.
Mac Games Rating Leppe (6/17/2008 - version 1.5)
This is the first Aspyr update I see (on several sites noticed) with so few downloads. I wonder how the sales are for the Mac Intel version? Intel Maccers, I know are just running this great game in Windows. To bad for Aspr. Realy, releasing such an Intel only Mac game??? While the engine is ported for Universal release... I'll bet sales would be much higher if they just released it as a Universal game. No matter how high specs are, people just below the specs would have bought this game! They would play in the lowest resolution, lowest quality, they would tuned it, etc. Again, to bad for Aspyr...
Mac Games Rating a Martin (6/17/2008 - version 1.5)
What exactly is it you think is bad in the Mac OS X version? Performance? I agree it could/should be better... I have the same - MacBook Pro with 512 MB VRAM - and it would be interesting to try it in Windows. The game is quite fun, but I the the animations of the characters when they run around etc. are a bit stiff and ugly, and the gun fight's on foot feels a bit "sped up" and awkward for some reason.
Mac Games Rating Helmutek (6/16/2008 - version 1.5)
Can aspyr do anything right? I still don't enjoy this game as much as on a PC. I recently upgraded to a 512MB video RAM macbook pro and under osx this game is just plain nightmare... when I bootcamp over to XP it is a great title for those who like this kind of game. I am scared to see how butchered the COD4 release will be.

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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

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