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Publisher CodeWeavers Inc.
Type Tool
License $39.95
Version 10.3
Date Added 1/9/2012
Size 55.8 MB
Downloads This Version 1,892
Downloads of All Time 9,245
CrossOver Games 10.3
Install, play Windows version games on your Mac.

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Registry Total: 8 Entries
Mac Games Rating Nah (10/22/2010 - version 9.2)
Nah I wouldnt sugest to use this. You can buy Paralels for about 89 € and install windows to your Macintosh and it works with 90% sertanty. Yea sure it is expensive software, but it's cheaper than buying windows and computer where to install windows. Ye I know there is boot camp, but no hell I'm going to install windows from boot camp just to get few more games. With paralels, you can run your mac and windows at same time like virtual pc, only difference is that it's not virtual pc or so I was told when they sold paralels to me
Mac Games Rating EVWeb (10/20/2010 - version 9.2)
Basically, Crossover is WINE except you have to pay for it, unlike WINE. And since WINE mostly only supports games that are already on the Mac, it's kinda not all that useful, as I have only found about 3 games which work on Crossover.
Mac Games Rating Mielsen (11/22/2009 - version 8.1.0)
This is the best program, if you dont want to instal windows with bootcamp!!! look at they site, and seach after the game you wanna play, and see if it work.. or how good it will work ;) i can only say! keep up the good work codeweavers!!!
Mac Games Rating bug (6/26/2009 - version 7.2.2)
It just crashes my computer over and over again and the stuff it does is crap you can just get the mac version. I was hoping for something to convert pc games to mac that are not done yet.
Mac Games Rating Tilo (7/25/2008 - version 7.1)
This works fine for my favorite game "Tropico", even better than VMWare (better DirectX support). But was a bit disappointed that it is really limited to games. I was hoping to at least run Internet Explorer on this, and Picasa, but no luck.
Mac Games Rating James (3/29/2008 - version 7.0)
Pretty sure you need osx 10.5.1 running on an intel mac to get this application to work. So far i have tried F.E.A.R. Combat Persius Mandate(the demo) and Alien Arena 2008(which are 2 games that are not supported by Cross over) and Alien Arena worked fine(online and with bots). So most modern windows games should work, but theres a chance they might not. I am currently downloading Far Cry(the full version) which ubi soft released for free, so i am hoping cross over can run this game(and it should in theroy). So if you have an intel mac you might want to buy this application, official* support for other games will come in the future
Mac Games Rating Trent (3/28/2008 - version 7.0)
I've tried at least 10 different games from various years and still haven't been able to play a single one. It installs the software just fine but forget about running the game. It simply doesn't work.
Mac Games Rating barbara horta (3/26/2008 - version 7.0)

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