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Mac Games Details
Publisher War§ow development team
Type Demo
License Free
Version 0.42
Date Added 2/29/2008
Size 183.1 MB
Downloads This Version 5,321
Downloads of All Time 6,057
Mac Games User Reviews
War§ow 0.42

War§ow is a First-person shooter (FPS) game designed for online play. Many games, as detailed below, have inspired War§ow, yet it is its own unique game. Similarities to Quake 3 CPMA and Unreal Tournament series are probably the most evident. The team has sought to create a fun, fast, action-packed game which may be seen as a critique of the many realistic, slow, warfare-orientated First-person-shooters that saturate todays FPS market.

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

Full Changelog:

- New Features:
• Added game operator functionality:
• Game operators are players with elevated status who have increased power over the server, but do not have rcon access.
• Servers admins set an operator password with "g_operator_password".
• Players authenticate themselves as an operator using "operator " or "op ".
• added opcall command, which allows game operators to call votes which
instantly pass.
• Added two new chat filtering commands - cg_chatFilter and cg_chatFilterTV - for filtering chat messages in normal games and when spectating tv matches respectively. These two commands accept the following bitmask values:
• "0" enables all messages
• "1" filters global chat
• "2" filters team chat
• "4" filters TV spectator chat
• added seek and pause functionality to demo menu.
• added demo playback capability to wswtv.

- Changes:
• Changed network protocol to improve serverside culling of projectiles and playback of single-pov demos in wswtv. These changes are backwards-compatible.
• Changed wswtv chat color to white.
• Modified ip filters, they now stick around between maps.

- Fixes:
• Fixed unreasonably large challengers queue delays.
• Fixed servers not providing version info due to long hostnames.
• Fixed clan arena coaches being dropped into spectator mode.
• Fixed several issues with ip filtering.
• Fixed several crash bugs and memory leaks in wswtv.
• Fixed graphical glitches when demojumping backwards.
• Fixed minor gfx menu bug.

Mac Games System Requirements

Universal Binary (PPC/Intel)
Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5
Any Mac Intel / PPC (G5 recommended)

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Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Vedrit (6/6/2008 - version 0.42)
doesnt unpack for 10.4
Mac Games Rating James (2/29/2008 - version 0.42)
Im liking the new version, keep up the good mac port.
Mac Games Rating Pietro Cristofoli (2/29/2008 - version 0.42)
The engine is rock-solid and doesn't need to much tweaking ... it runs like a dream on my MBP (8600M GT) at native resolution and the controls are really smooth and effective. Animations are a bit weak but for a project at this stage of development I found it already well done. Keep up the good work.
Mac Games Rating gobopop (2/13/2008 - version 0.41)
Mac version is a pretty shaky port. No sufficient documentation of bugs and requirements exist, and relatively few solutions to be found within the community. When it worked, it played fine enough. It has the potential to be a great network FPS game on Mac, if only they would hire some full time Mac developers rather than relying solely on the community. I look forward to the next release, if only to be able to fully appreciate what seems like a fun game.
Mac Games Rating noobdy (2/13/2008 - version 0.41)
Warsow is certainly one of my favorite fast paced fps. The combination of moves from Quake 3 (straff jump, circle jump, bunny hop...etc...) and UT (dodge/dash, wall jump), plus somes others tricks (double jump in a specific way, slide the rails, ramp...) make the game so enjoyable for those who can appreciate this sort of gameplay... Of course, and like Q3 or UT2kx, this game requires some practice, I mean, the progression to reach a good "level" is certainly slower than any semi-realistic fps, but it's full of fun, we don't really need to know everything from the game to enjoy it, the gamplay is easly understandable after some minutes of games. Graphics are cartoonish and stylish (could remind a bit XIII and Jet Set Radio mixed with Quake 3), not fully detailled like UT2kx games, but that's finally an advantage, no need to change the "picmic" or to decrease the level of textures detail to be able to see something (we can also force models and stuff in case of). i'd finally say this game is made for players by players... All in art of moves, fun to play (atleast, for fast paced shooters addicts ^^), full of little "eye candies", and open source with a nice community behind... what could we ask more? (more players, more servers, yeah it's the main problem infact) :) (sorry for my bad english by the way, it's not my native language...)

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