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Mac Games Details
Publisher Valen Games
Type Demo
License Shareware $19.95
Version 1.1
Date Added 12/17/2007
Size 9.2 MB
Downloads This Version 2,844
Downloads of All Time 3,084
Mac Games User Reviews
Lunar Domination 1.1

In the not too distant future humans have begun colonizing the Moon, and a huge demand for raw materials has appeared there. You are a budding entrepreneur who saw this lucrative opportunity and decided to enter the lunar ore mining business. The only problem is that it turns out you weren't the only one...

Lunar Domination is a turn-based financial strategy game that puts you at the helm of an ore mining operation on the Moon. You must skillfully manage your resources, expand your base of operations, and keep your clients happy by filling their orders on time. However, others have come seeking to take the ore market for themselves, and you must fight to defeat them or be defeated. In the end there can be only one ore mining tycoon on the Moon. Will it be you?

- Online multiplayer mode -- challenge a friend to a battle of the wits!
- Quick introductory tutorial so you can start playing in a matter of minutes.
- Adjustable difficulty level to make the game challenging, but not too hard.
- Six different scenarios for variety, including small, medium, and large sizes.
- Runs on most computers including laptops, 3D graphics card not required.

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

New features and additions:
- Mac OS X version of the game is now available (Mac OS X 10.4 and higher).
- Added online multiplayer support to play against one other player.
- The new Lunar Domination manual in PDF format is now included with the game.

Multiplayer notes:
- When you choose "New Game" in the main menu, you will now have an option for "Single Player" and "Online Multiplayer". If you choose multiplayer, you will be connected to an online lobby where you can chat with other players and create or join a game to play.
- Currently the first player name in the player profile list will be used for multiplayer games. If you want to change the name you will have to delete the profile (warning: this will delete all saved games) and make a new one.
- There is currently no way to select your color for multiplayer games. Two different colors will be chosen by the game itself.
- In-game chat is available when playing a multiplayer game. Press "Enter" to type a chat message, then press "Enter" again to send the message or "ESC" to cancel it.

Balance changes:
- Removed sector price depreciation. Sector selling price is now always equal to whatever it would cost to purchase it back.
- Changed sector property tax to use the sector's purchase value as its sole reference point. This means that adding buildings to a sector no longer increases its property tax.
- Increased the sector property tax to 10% (up from about 1%). Since property tax is derived as percentage of the sector's purchase/selling value, it decreases as ore runs out in a sector (because sector's value goes down).
- Increased Ore Deposit base price by $150.
- Changed income tax margins to half the number of sectors as before, which increases income tax for sector groups with more than two sectors. A margin now consists of two sectors instead of four. So for example, a two sector group will still have 4% income tax as before, but a three sector group will have 10% income tax instead of 6%, and a four sector group will have 16% tax instead of 8%.

AI (computer player) changes and improvements:
- AI is now more efficient with spending its money, especially when it comes to which buildings to buy and how many. This allows AI to expand faster around the map.
- AI now opts for smaller sector groups in the early to mid game.
- AI is now more aggressive in its order bidding, especially on the harderst difficulty level.
- AI now uses a different criteria in selecting the sectors to buy.
- AI no longer sells off sectors that still have ore in them (only sells sectors with no ore).

Overall improvements:
- The increases in sector price and property tax, combined with changes and improvements to the AI, now make it very difficult to surround the AI player with sectors to cut him off from large portions of the map.

Bug Fixes
- AI no longer sells off all of its sectors.
- It is now no longer possible to enter commas in a player name. Doing so previously would corrupt the player names in a scenario when a new game is started.

Mac Games System Requirements

Universal Binary (PPC/Intel)
Mac OS X 10.4 or higher

Mac Games Download

Lunar Domination

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Photon (1/14/2008 - version 1.1)
If a small size is important go for it. This is one of the best games under 20MB. Just don't expect any stunning graphics.

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