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Publisher CCP Games
Type Demo
License Demo
Version 2.3
Date Added 4/1/2008
Size 803 MB
Downloads This Version 4,382
Downloads of All Time 6,830
EVE Online 2.3
A massive multiplayer online game set in space.

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Mac Games Rating Devin Jaco (8/8/2008 - version 2.3)
Really really great game for the mac. I have a mac mini and played this game, and it ran great. no lag at all. The only exception though is that I received a kernel panic.
Mac Games Rating Bob (4/25/2008 - version 2.3)
I played this game under Windows in Boot Camp and it played flawlessly -- I only put this comment here for those of you who like the game but dislike the Mac client -- if running it in Windows in Boot Camp is within your means, do so.
Mac Games Rating Sijmen (2/5/2008 - version 1.0)
Awesome game, horrible Cider port. Could as well boot into Windows and have a way better experience.
Mac Games Rating Bryan (12/26/2007 - version 1.0)
It's crashtastic!
Mac Games Rating MS (11/14/2007 - version 1.0)
love the game, and it's not just a demo, it's a regular MMO set in space and it's a trial, you have to pay to play after 14 days, still a good game on mac and pc
Mac Games Rating JB (11/9/2007 - version 1.0)
1) In order to play in "Demo" mode... you need to create a trial account. It is currently 14 days? Not sure. 2) Leopard came after 10.4.9, Transgaming (the guys who wrapped EVE Online for CCP in Cedega) are still tweaking Leopard configurations. If you are running Leopard, wait a bit for the dust to settle, Mac Client for EVE just came out, days before Leopard. 3) Game runs very smoothly for me, on my iMac, with OS X. 4) As others mentioned, steep learning curve, but well worth the adventure. If you feel you can not play with, and against, 30,000 other people at any given time, do not play this game. 5) Best MMOG game out there. Where else can you compete with 30,000+ people all in the same persistent universe? 6) If you are into "Instant Gratification" games like WOW, and other stuff - do not bother with EVE, it takes time, it takes intelligence & cunning, because although one is "relatively safe" in most of the places, one is never "100% safe." In this game it is possible to loose it ALL in an eye-blink. EVE is 100% PVP game, whether you are a Manufacturer, Trader, Explorer, or a Fighter, you ALWAYS COMPETE with other players for resources and the currency. Death in EVE has consequences, if you do not know what you are doing. 7) Best way to enjoy EVE is to find a group of like-minded people to play with. It is always better to have friends. 8) EVE is tough, real tough, most ADD prone players who lack maturity, and are not used to real challenges quit fairly quickly. You have to have a thick skin, and be prepared for anything. The world of EVE can be down-right mean and nasty at times - just like real space. If you are fan of SciFi, Space Operas, vast & dangerous Space Adventures, well, EVE is the closest on the market to that, it is a massive Space Opera, only the difference is: THE PLAYERS ARE NOT OBSERVERS, BUT REAL PARTICIPANTS IN THE EVERYDAY DRAMA OF HARSH SURVIVAL IN HOSTILE SPACE. 9) EVE can get laggy at times, especially if you are in more "populated" areas where everyone and their pet dog are trying to carebear; or in the "hub" systems where large amounts of trade takes place. However, if you moved even one or two systems out, still in "Secure Space," lag would diminish almost instantaneously. 10) EVE Devs are constantly tweaking, and improving, and "balancing" the game. Sometimes with unpleasant results. At times it might result in a nerf of your favorite module or ship, in which case, if you are dedicated enough, or smart enough, you can succeed on keeping your advantage. Still, not always the most comfortable thing to happen. 11) On the other hand, EVE developers are extremely active in the community, and usually are willing to listen to and improve the game-play for the players. Number of times they even admitted to being "too hasty" with changes, and did not implement them. Very much unlike SOE or Blizzard. 12) In EVE trust and friendship is a rarest of all commodities. Trust has to be earned, and defended. If you soil your name, it will stick with you for the rest of times - no changing servers, no changing the name, so when you choose your name - CHOOSE WISELY, do you want to be known as Bill, or B11L, is up to you - but "1133t" talk is generally frowned upon. So get yourself a decent "First Name, Last Name" - like "Bill Stagorband", or some such. Trust me, you will be the better for it, especially with the upcoming Ambulation (Yea, we are getting REAL BODIES), more RP potential. I have typed all this, and I haven't even scratched a surface of the game... seriously. Just remember, EVE can be frustrating, slow-moving, mean, gritty, dark, evil, and ultimately most satisfying, only if you really use your brains, if you do not, well, then, you will get dead real quick, and then will whine on the forums about your own stupidity in the matter. I wish you all the luck. I have been playing since 2003, on and off; I quit, I left, I took breaks, and I always came back, and will do so - at least until there will be a better Space Opera/Adventure MMO out there. Fly safe.
Mac Games Rating DD (11/8/2007 - version 1.0)
Well doesn't work from Leopard on a MacBook Pro 17" 2.16 Ghz 2 Gig ATi X1600, not that impressed if it won't run on 10.5...
Mac Games Rating Riko (11/8/2007 - version 1.0)
Sofar very enjoyable (exept for 3 crashes but the game remembered everything so it was not a big problem). Does has an STEEP! learning curve though. Very nice people supporting you as n00b.
Mac Games Rating Thoht (11/7/2007 - version 1.0)
You need to sign up for a free trial account first: If that link doesn't work, Google for "EVE Online Free Trial" and you should get an ad for a 14-day free trial account. As for the game, it's a huge sandbox game set in a sci-fi setting. Do whatever you want, whenever you want to. Everyone plays on the same server, so no matter if you're an aussie or norwegian, you can play together, granted you're both online at the same time. Your character grows in strength by realtime skill training, i.e. you select a skill to train, and it will take for example 8 hours, no matter if you're logged in or not. A great way for casual gamers to not be left behind by hardcore gamers if they set out simultaneously. On the other hand, you can't ever expect to be as powerful as those who joined a year before you, or worse, those whom have played since start. The interface is based upon alot of mouse interaction. Click here, click there. Being mostly into FPS/RPG games myself I found it a bit difficult to not have alot of movement keys on the keyboard, using both hands just as much, but one gets used to it. The graphics are nice, you can tell the difference between ships easily enough, and the user interface is minimalistic and without clutter, in difference to many other MMORPGs where it's filled with pointless doodles. The sound is great too, and the soundtrack is exceptionally nice if you're into ambience. I downloaded the whole lot of them from CCPs website. The PvE consists of either "ratting", killing NPC pirates, or missions, which could be considered a "storymode" although I never found much of a consistent story beyond the introduction movie. PvPers will find their niche in either becoming a pirate, going into low-sec and preying on loners, or ganging up with other pirates and hunt corporate expeditions in zero-space (no NPC police forces about there). You could also join some corporate alliance, any of them really since everyone seems to be in war with someone, and do corporate warfare. All in all I enjoyed this game immensely, and if you find a corporation (player ingame community) that you get along with, all the better. It can get a bit dull at times, since it all comes down to how you enjoy playing a game that does nothing for you really. Nothing is ever given to you here, so it's tuned towards a slightly different player attitude.
Mac Games Rating Ben (11/7/2007 - version 1.0)
What kind of Demo is this, since when do you pay for a demo or is there a way around it

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