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Publisher Sector3 Games
Type Shareware
License $14.97
Version 4.5
Date Added 12/13/2010
Size 72.3 MB
Downloads This Version 2,156
Downloads of All Time 12,337
StuntMANIA! 4.5
StuntMANIA!pro is a fast paced 3D car stunt driving game.

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Mac Games Rating Tyrones Daddy (4/14/2009 - version 3.1.1)
I rescind my earlier review. The game now works flawlessly on my MMD G4 DP 867. The graphics are very nice and smooth and I was getting 50+ fps at high resolution.
Mac Games Rating Untadaike (3/25/2009 - version 3.1)
Very cool game, not much options for the demo, though, you'll get tired of it fast. On the bright side, really cool power-ups, go crazy off jumps, increase and decrease gravity(with one of the cool power-ups), awesome places that are hard to get to, etc...
Mac Games Rating Chris (11/18/2008 - version 3.0)
Version 3.0 is awesome, though a little slow on my eMac G4 1.2, but thats to be expected I guess considering how old my machine is. Still, lots of fun and very enjoyable. I also cant believe it's a free update. Thanks!
Mac Games Rating Tyrones Daddy (7/1/2008 - version 2.6.7)
The game dies whenever I click on game type such as "just go crazy" or "timed game" etc. Cannot get any farther than that on my MDD dp 867 ppc mac running OS X.4.11.
Mac Games Rating Carli (3/24/2008 - version 2.6)
I also had a problem with earlier versions of stuntmania on my Mac Pro, where the car went crazy, jumping all over the place. This seems to have been fixed in 2.6 and the game is working like a charm now. This game is fantastic! I recommend it to everyone that loves no penalty, fun to play games.
Mac Games Rating Jeff C (3/24/2008 - version 2.6)
I have to agree with the developer. I have bought a family pack so I can have it on my MacBookPro and my kids can play it on their eMac. The game performs extremely well on both systems, and the cars drive fine. Of course, I had to tweak the game options settings to have it work as well on the older eMac, and thats great that the developers have given us the ability to do this so it will run on old and new machines. I have found that v2.6 runs better than all previous versions though, and that we can now run at 800x600 on the eMac and 50+ FPS where previous versions could only run in 640x480. I highly recommend Stuntmania and suggest everyone tweaks their game options settings before judging game performance. That's what it's there for.
Mac Games Rating Seon - Developer (3/24/2008 - version 2.6)
DAN G: Give 2.6 a whirl and see if it helps with your sensitivity issues. You also know that you can change your steering sensitivity on the game options screen right? Resolution and FPS has everything to do with the sensitivity of this game. I should know, I wrote it. The lower your FPS, the more slipper and un-controllable your car will be. Please post your machine specs and what settings you have turned on so I can help you get the game working better. With over 2000 happy StuntMANIA customers, the steering clearly works fine with the correct graphics settings.
Mac Games Rating Dan G (3/11/2008 - version 2.5.2)
Got to agree with previous reviewers; the game looks good, and I was really hoping for something in a similar vein to MIcro Machines, or the old classic StuntCar Racer on the Atari ST!), but the controls are totally unusable at the moment. Thanks to the developer for responding to complaints, but it's got nothing to do with the graphics resolution; the controls are just far, far too sensitive, making it extremely difficult to keep the car on the track formore than a few seconds. Afraid this one was immediately uninstalled, and I won't be buying.
Mac Games Rating Seon - Developer (2/29/2008 - version 2.5.2)
BillyBob: If your car is driving erratically, drop your resolution & graphics quality. There is an FPS meter in the game and you should be aiming for about 50+ FPS. The only times we have players complain about the driving is when they run the game at settings that their computers cannot handle, and this is usually fixed with trying out different settings. try running the game at 1024x768 and selecting GOOD quality as a starting point. Donít turn on realtime shadows if your machine isnt a MacPro or MacBookPro or latest iMac. You will be surprised how many players max out the graphics features of the game even though their machine is not powerful enough to handle it. We have over 2000 happy StuntMANIA customers, some playing on old G4 1Ghz systems and are loving the game and the steering controls. if you do manage to improve the driving by following my instructions, I would love you to post back a comment explaining what you did to make it perform better.
Mac Games Rating BillyBob (2/25/2008 - version 2.5.2)
This game has awesome graphics and tremendous potential, which is tragically hinderous by ridiculously retarded controls. I have played a tremendous amount of video games in my life, and a lot of racing games too. I tried for 15 minutes and was unable to complete a single trick, no matter how I adjusted my playing style. The car just behaves completely unpredictably at all times. Just going off a ramp and landing causes your car to spin out uncontrollably. I'm unable to steer, unable to decide where I want to go. It's really too bad, because this game looks really cool. If the game designers are holding on to some sort of personal vendetta with a control scheme that is understood only by a few, they should let that go, and adopt a scheme that is understood by many. It would allow this game to break through and realize its full potential. Currently, this game is garbage because it's unplayable. If they could change the controls, it would be great. Sorry, but it's true.

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