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Publisher Aspyr Media
Type Update
License Free
Version 1.2 Rev A
Date Added 9/9/2006
Size 8.4 MB
Downloads 250,082
RollerCoaster Tycoon 1.2 Rev A
Univeral Binary patch for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

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Mac Games Rating Jeremy (2/28/2013 - version 1.2 Rev A)
If the update to make it Universal, is itself NOT Universal (PowerPC only) then how does one on an intel Mac run this update? Very short sighted!
Mac Games Rating David Grossman (9/16/2010 - version 1.2 Rev A)
I bought Soaked to fix the Island Hopping scenario that wasn't working. I have reinstalled RCT and Soaked a dozen times -- removing ALL support files each time. Soaked will simply not install on a new iMac, even though it indicates that it has installed. (It also removed mouse wheel scrolling from the original game.) I will most likely ask Amazon for a refund... which I'm guessing will be difficult task.
Mac Games Rating Robert of Fairfax (1/1/2010 - version 1.2 Rev A)
Initially, I installed RCT3 on my Mac w/Intel chip the wrong way by copying the Panda Bear icon (i.e. the application) to my Applications folder. However, after getting the error "Unrecoverable Error When Starting Roller Coaster Tycoon 3", I realized the entire "RollerCoaster Tycoon 3" folder must be copied. After installing it properly, the application would not function because I had the RCT3 Mac PowerPC version. However, tech support was quick to respond over the holidays and suggested the following patch This resolved the issue, by downloading the patch and running this file (i.e. opening it). My only suggestion is that ASPYR update their patch install instructions by providing a readme file. Thank you ASPYR! My kids love RCT3.
Mac Games Rating Adrien (10/22/2009 - version 1.2 Rev A)
It cause many problem on my mac. How I uninstall this patch??? It doesn't appear in application list even if when I install the patch , the destination folder was Application. Help me...I want delete the patch, please, it create conflict with my me
Mac Games Rating Karen (10/2/2009 - version 1.2 Rev A)
None of the patches worked on my computer. I finally checked my computer into my mac dealer and was told that when i first started the game it asked do you want to link with itunes? I had put yes and when it tried to open the game would just go black. They turned off the itunes link with roller coaster tycoon and it works perfectly. Hope this helps
Mac Games Rating power (9/18/2009 - version 1.2 Rev A)
Mac Games Rating An angry customer (8/23/2009 - version 1.2 Rev A)
Crashes on startup on my Macbook Pro, every single time it's launched, even with the patch installed. What a joke. They shouldn't be charging people money for software so broken it can't even start up. Thread 0 Crashed: 0 com.aspyr.RollerCoasterTycoon3 0x005988c8 LightBillboardRenderer::LightBillboardRenderer(ClassInfo*) + 838 1 com.aspyr.RollerCoasterTycoon3 0x0021b181 LightManager::LightManager(ClassInfo*) + 253 2 com.aspyr.RollerCoasterTycoon3 0x002a09db ScreenSettings::SetBrightness() + 65 3 com.aspyr.RollerCoasterTycoon3 0x002a118c ScreenSettings::ScreenSettings(bool, bool, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int, float) + 1172 4 com.aspyr.RollerCoasterTycoon3 0x0028c0e1 Main_InitScreenSettings(bool, bool, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int, float) + 83 5 com.aspyr.RollerCoasterTycoon3 0x002912fb WinMain + 11835 6 com.aspyr.RollerCoasterTycoon3 0x00043fcf sEventLoopEventHandler(OpaqueEventHandlerCallRef*, OpaqueEventRef*, void*) + 125 7 0x904cc13d DispatchEventToHandlers(EventTargetRec*, OpaqueEventRef*, HandlerCallRec*) + 1181 8 0x904cb57b SendEventToEventTargetInternal(OpaqueEventRef*, OpaqueEventTargetRef*, HandlerCallRec*) + 405 9 0x904cb3e0 SendEventToEventTargetWithOptions + 58 10 0x904f9d54 ToolboxEventDispatcherHandler(OpaqueEventHandlerCallRef*, OpaqueEventRef*, void*) + 356 11 0x904cc4f6 DispatchEventToHandlers(EventTargetRec*, OpaqueEventRef*, HandlerCallRec*) + 2134 12 0x904cb57b SendEventToEventTargetInternal(OpaqueEventRef*, OpaqueEventTargetRef*, HandlerCallRec*) + 405 13 0x904e7ecc SendEventToEventTarget + 52 14 0x90554a6c ToolboxEventDispatcher + 86 15 0x905512c2 RunApplicationEventLoop + 222 16 com.aspyr.RollerCoasterTycoon3 0x00044084 InstallEventsAndRunGameLoop() + 166 17 com.aspyr.RollerCoasterTycoon3 0x000441da main + 184 18 com.aspyr.RollerCoasterTycoon3 0x0000246e _start + 228 19 com.aspyr.RollerCoasterTycoon3 0x00002389 start + 41
Mac Games Rating Flint Straightedge (4/24/2009 - version 1.2 Rev A)
If you bought the latest copy you dont need this Patch. And yes turning of the Shadows will help extremely.
Mac Games Rating daniel braun (1/8/2009 - version 1.2 Rev A)
caused other problem including rides being (Unclompetable) basically the feat at beggining and end were different. And caused the system to crash every hour after started play
Mac Games Rating LordRex (12/17/2008 - version 1.2 Rev A)
Worked choppy and I tore my hair out. Turned off the shadows and it ran fine! Try turning off the helps!

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RollerCoaster Tycoon 1.2 Rev A
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