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Publisher Aspyr Media
Type Update
License Freeware
Version 1.22 Rev A
Date Added 6/1/2009
Size 42 MB
Downloads 65,938
Civilization III Complete 1.22 Rev A
Adds universal binary support for Civilization III: Complete

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Mac Games Rating H J Dezotell (1/28/2014 - version 1.22 Rev A)
Once again I accessed aspyr and came away frustrated. Aspyr completely ignores the basic rule, K.I.S.S. of sales and life. Because of this I have not bought an aspyr product since civ iii basic. Arrogance comes with a price.
Mac Games Rating jn (11/24/2011 - version 1.22 Rev A)
I downloaded the civilizations 3 play the world and when i start it its said "online connection required You need to be connected to the internet to continue" but I WAS connected to my internet, wireless,then i used a cable to connect and it still said online connection required!
Mac Games Rating abc (10/12/2011 - version 1.22 Rev A)
I don't know why I'm having this problem but I bought the retail civ 3 complete and whenever I try to open Play the World it says I need to insert an original disc.
Mac Games Rating krh (9/14/2009 - version 1.22 Rev A)
For 10.5.7 I found that if I changed my permission to the CIV 3 folder to be modified to be "Write Only (Drop Box)" instead of "Read Write", that this patch could be installed and work.
Mac Games Rating ML (7/6/2009 - version 1.22 Rev A)
None of the solutions below worked on mac OS X 10.5.7. What a disappointment!
Mac Games Rating VJ (5/4/2009 - version 1.22 Rev A)
EVENTUALLY - If you look on the support site now B, there is a replacement application icon that is needed for after you have installed Rev A. Link is: The file is zipped and should open automatically putting the new app icon on your desktop. Just swap this for your old one and ding dong...
Mac Games Rating Trix (5/4/2009 - version 1.22 Rev A)
I found a link (I forget where) that led me to here: What it is is a Civ III Rev A manual Install for those of us whose attempt to load the 1.22RevA patch failed when it got stuck in the installation process (Installing... Openplay.rsrc). I downloaded it, and when it finished and it opened up automatically. I followed the instructions and loaded the game and so far so good. fyi the first time I tried to download and open this it wouldn't mount saying it was unrecognized but the second time it seems to have worked.
Mac Games Rating B (4/27/2009 - version 1.22 Rev A)
I think I'm having the same problem as VJ. I'm running 10.4.11 on a 1st gen MBP. I click on the .app file - the icon behaves like it's opening - nothing happens, no error nothing. It's been at least 9 months since I ran it last with no problems then. The only reason I'm on this site is because I just reinstalled CIV 3 Complete because it wouldn't open and I thought the patch might help also. I actually have the .dmg for this patch from a long time ago, but I don't think it will help since I didn't get any errors when I installed this automatic version. I'm really confused, this may be the first real problem I've had with my mac... guess I'll need to bring it to a genius bar...
Mac Games Rating VJ (4/17/2009 - version 1.22 Rev A)
Installed the update okay, but unfortunately this didn't fix the problem. Still can't start Civ 3 Complete on OS X 10.4.11. Don't know whether this was due to OS X or Quicktime update recently - any ideas anyone?
Mac Games Rating Beth (3/10/2009 - version 1.22 Rev A)
If you have problems, TRY THIS! IT WORKED! I downloaded the .dmg from Aspyr and the installer would freeze up and it sounds like other people have had this problem. I did a manual install instead: Follow the directions on this thread: You have to download the .dmg they link to instead of the one with the installer provided by Aspyr. Instead of an installer, you will be able to drag and drop a new copy of the program into your Civ III folder.

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