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Publisher Freeverse Software
Type Demo
License Demo
Version 1.1.1
Date Added 11/28/2007
Size 228.14 MB
Downloads This Version 13,488
Downloads of All Time 28,700
Legion Arena Demo 1.1.1
Demo of Freeverse's Legion Arena

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Mac Games Rating Michael (5/29/2008 - version 1.1.1)
really fun, great playing!!!
Mac Games Rating Mr (12/2/2007 - version 1.1.1)
Mac Games Rating Stephan Kussmaul (11/29/2007 - version 1.1.1)
crashes directly after launch... not worth to install so
Mac Games Rating jake (7/16/2007 - version 1.1)
Mac Games Rating MB. (7/6/2007 - version 1.1)
Game claims to have little micromanaging- but in reality you spend the entire game micromanaging skills and other silly RPG traits. Not a strategy game.
Mac Games Rating Gozer the Carpathian (8/21/2006 - version 1.0)
I enjoyed this game more than I thought I would. While it's not Rome: Total War, it is a fun RTS/RPG. The ability to upgrade units with both money and XP between fights is nice. While I'd like to be able to have more control on the field (and you can if you switch to Arcade mode) the command points system works well. All in all I'm planning to buy it.
Mac Games Rating Matt (8/13/2006 - version 1.0)
A decent game -- think the historical flavor adds a fair bit to this. At this point, not sure I'm getting the full flavor of the game. The tactics involved seemed pretty simplistic, and most battles were a little too easy -- set up on defensible ground, let enemy advance, then shred them. The only interesting battle was the one where the enemy had the heavy cavalry lined up on my left, then they moved over to the right to bypass the boggy ground and come at me. Still, same result, as they attacked light infantry in dense forest... Would have been helpful to get a bit more guidance with the demo (you can dig some advice up at the forums). Learning about things like waypoints, etc. Reminiscent of Ancient Art of War. Players who enjoy this may also enjoy Dominions 2 (demo avail from MGF at: )
Mac Games Rating Reviewer (7/15/2006 - version 1.0)
Well, it's great fun while it lasts. I suppose I shouldn't complain, it did offer a day and a half of solid playing. However, my big complaint is that the end of the game is a real letdown. It's just another level like any other, except when you hit the button at the top to start the next level it takes you to the campaign selection screen. No "congratulations" screen, no credits rolling, nothing! It would have been nice if they could have upped the difficulty and then put you back at the beginning or something for some added replay value, but they just kick you back to the campaign selection screen...
Mac Games Rating Sleep walking (7/10/2006 - version 1.0)
A great game and very easy to learn. It's just the formations and units you use that will determine whether you win or not.
Mac Games Rating swordfish (7/8/2006 - version 1.0)
Pretty good game. Looks like lots of work went into it. Game runs good even on my crappy system. The only thing I could ask for are button tooltips and a more responsive UI.

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