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Mac Games Details
Publisher Lightsoft
Type Shareware
Version 0.99.2b2
Date Added 3/1/2006
Size 6.2 MB
Downloads 2,110
Mac Games User Reviews
Zex 0.99.2b2

This is the second public beta of Zex. Zex is a space based role playing game. The R'Mparians have invaded our Solar System and are trying to deplete our defences to the point we can no longer defend ourselves against them.
In a last ditch effort a secret ship known as Zex was designed and built from captured alien hardware. Disguised as a R'Mparian vessel, it was sent through a warphole into the R'Mparian galaxy along with a few Earth Motherships.

As the game starts, you find yourself in command of Zex as a lowly Ensign. Your job is to force a retreat of the R'Mparians and secure a peaceful future for Mother Earth. Not an easy task, and not a task accomplished in a few minutes!

Of course, you may want to just work on improving your rank, making money, pirating the odd bit of cargo or generally just exploring the galaxy. It's up to you.

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

• Mother ship communications to GalaNet now reflect the repair state of the Mother ship (i.e. if you dock just after forcing a mother ship to surrender then it's unlikely you will be able to trade immediately).
• Score and credits are now given for a Mother ship surrender.
• Mother ships now surrender later. In Beta 1 a Mother ship would surrender when its shields fell below 10000. In Beta 2 it is 7000.
• Fixed a bug whereby the BattleCom might not display enemy shields strength when Zex is attacking a Mother ship.
• Fix an bug whereby objects may not be initialised correctly. This could have been causing many issues with stability. For instance blank lines scrolling up the screen or strange call-signs being displayed.
• Level 3 guns now do more damage than level 2.
• Fixed a bug whereby if game level was set to 'Space Cadet' and Galactic map displayed and player fired the guns then Zex would be damaged or destroyed.
• Saved games now display rank and game level.
• You can no-longer sell your trade computer on an alien mother ship (it is needed for translation).
• Selling of damaged equipment. The prices now more accurately reflect the state of the equipment. In Beta 1 you got full price for damaged equipment.
• If you have Auto Hull Repair on-board then the hull bar graphics now accurately reflect the state of the hull as it is being repaired. In Beta 1, the Hull status bar would never update (even though the hull was repaired).
• When buying missiles, a pylon with a missile attached is now automatically selected. In Beta 1 no pylon was selected meaning that after launching you couldn't fire a missile until you had selected a pylon.
• Fuel gauge is now updated in a less tardy fashion when a new game is started
• You can now switch between window and full screen mode in-game with the F1 key by default.

Mac Games System Requirements

Mac OS X Only
• Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.
• PowerPC (600Mhz or better) or Intel based Macintosh.
• Universal Binary.

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Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Tony (4/2/2006 - version 0.99.2b2)
Retro 2d/3d hybrid space combat game. Graphics are 3d in a simple style, they give a nice retro feel (especially the explosions). Gameplay is 2d, which means it is quick to learn and easy to control. However, the game is challenging because the enemy is strong - it is easy to get yourself into trouble! Role playing game might be stretching the description a bit, but great space based combat with a surprising number of viable tactics given the simple controls.
Mac Games Rating Poob (3/2/2006 - version 0.99.2b2)
Similar to EV Nova, except terrible and primitive. The camera nearly gave me an aneurism.

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