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Mac Games Details
Publisher The Gemini Gold Team
Type Demo
License GPL
Version 1.01
Date Added 11/28/2005
Size 192 MB
Downloads 4,447
Mac Games User Reviews
Privateer Gemini Gold 1.01 1.01

The year is 2669. You are an experienced space crewdog who has just inherited an obsolete Tarsus scout/merchant ship from your grandfather. With it and your few remaining credits, you decide to seek your fortune in the frontier Gemini Sector near the borders of human and Kilrathi space. Before your first deal, you are attacked by roving pirates. Being the hotshot pilot you are, you turn the tables on them. One of your missile shots goes awry, hitting a dormant object. It comes alive with an eerie green glow, and moves silently off....

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

Changes from version 1.0 to 1.01:

Special Features
- High Quality textures for the Tarsus
- Planets with clouds, Space Stations have lightmaps
- Oxford and Palan missions are easier now (rebalanced)

- possible speed improvements during bootup and gameplay
- luxury/natural goods model gets a new texture
- adds high-res explosion animations
- bases and planets now have an automatic landing zone
- Oxford library computer animation added
- adds jump activation sound
- repair droids are working a lot faster
- sets the ship's starting speed to ~150kps
- reduces number of available cargo missions
- uses Wing Commander style missile lock animation

- drone mission bug
- Ship Dealer graphic at Oxford
- explosion sound for asteroids
- Derelict Base now always spawns
- *.blank on the navigation computer
- "fix" button bug on the upgrade computer
- cargo-bug which prevented to accept and fly a mission
- artifact-loss-through ship purchase
- spawned cargo in cargo hold after ship purchase
- mercenary computer display graphic bug
- removes unimportant information from commodity computer
- removes neutral com faces for the paradigm
- ship's energy system fixed (ecm bug)
- prevents collision after ship explosion (with eject seats)
- never ending escort missions
- miggs now shows his face and speaks to you
- removes "news" and "ship dealer" from some computer consoles
- orion price changed to 75.000
- tractor beams removed from talons
- request landing "0" removed (without function)

Mac Games System Requirements

Mac OS X Only
G4 800Mhz

Mac Games Download

Privateer Gemini Gold 1.01

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Maarten (3/12/2008 - version 1.01)
What a waste of time! It is an autistic attempt to make a game. The graphics are bad for the eyes, the gameplay is incomprehensible, the music is... well music... it is some sort of prehistoric C64 sort of jibberish Download only to see how difficult it is nowadays to make a proper game... Gone are the days of elite...
Mac Games Rating Rick (1/19/2006 - version 1.01)
I'm sorry, but its total garbage. Graphics look ported from a Commodore 64, controls are virtually non-existent, incredibly long load times as well. No discernable objective or feeling of being in control of a ship. Pathetic and obsolete, please don't bother working on it any more.
Mac Games Rating bili (11/30/2005 - version 1.01)
Mac Games Rating Frank (11/28/2005 - version 1.01)
It's amazing to see the progress. The first version was nice but this is a lot better. The developers should stay on course and someday it will be as good as Privateer itself.

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