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Publisher Aspyr Media
Type Demo
License Demo
Version 1.0
Date Added 9/22/2005
Size 463.5 MB
Downloads 303,171
Doom 3 Demo 1.0
Demo of DOOM 3 for the Macintosh

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Mac Games Rating jst (4/30/2011 - version 1.0)
Dark and intense. Sound issue for certain mac [intel-based possibly? is remedied by going into Utilities/Audio Midi Setup/Audio Output (lower right) - change 2ch-24bit to 2ch 16bit. Viola! Sound works (speakers) Enjoy Doom 3.
Mac Games Rating bandit (5/5/2010 - version 1.0)
it is a great demo (for all that demos are worth). But the reason I voted 3 is because There is no sound at all in the demo.
Mac Games Rating Kooper (9/21/2009 - version 1.0)
The most evil game I've ever played (for a short time on the demo) Check out the youtube video "Doom 3 Birth control". The game's icon should be the most clear give away - It's a pentagram - A devil's symbol.
Mac Games Rating unt (8/25/2009 - version 1.0)
This game is freakin intense. Graphics, character and story are great. The audio doesn't work on my MacBook unless you wear headphones or plug in speakers. Slow level loading though and slow framerate. But it's worth it! This game scared the f*** out of me!! Play at your own risk, for you control the one man who stands between Hell and Earth...
Mac Games Rating jonathan (5/1/2009 - version 1.0)
Mac Games Rating tlacaelel (5/28/2008 - version 1.0)
Mac Games Rating macmad (5/25/2008 - version 1.0)
i voted 3 because it is slow download and it is slow at loading but it froze on my mac so it isnt a good game really soz aspyr media but this time it was bad and i wet my pants at the zombie
Mac Games Rating Rob (11/7/2006 - version 1.0)
Even on the lowest settings on a sub spec mac, it runs wonderfuly and has a degree of realism that can rival anything. I can only imagine that it must approach photo realism closely on a higher spec machine. The storyline, the gameplay, the interface, and the replayability are all superlative. The only thing that I find odd is that on nightmare, you suffer damage without any source, and this happens even before the invasion. (That is the game continuously knocks 5% off your health down to 25%, it also starts you with the soulcube, which seemed odd.) Without a doubt the best piece of software I have ever bought for entertainment.
Mac Games Rating Sark (7/24/2006 - version 1.0)
I got the game. Scared the heck out of me! hope ROE comes to the mac....someday.
Mac Games Rating Cons (6/7/2006 - version 1.0)
I bought the same. This was a really well done game. Except why was the Resurrection of Evil expansion pack never realeased on the mac?? The multiplayer is cool too, especially the 4 player ones. This really tests your fancy strafing or shock-whore stuff from can turn off the lights and hide in the shadows...this is how multiplayer should be

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