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Publisher GraphSim
Type Update
License Update
Version 1.05
Date Added 1/5/2006
Size 312 K
Downloads 13,232
F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom 1.05
Addresses issues with Joystick compatibility

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Mac Games Rating guest (12/11/2008 - version 1.05)
The "Show Package Contents" don't come up. But I joke it would be Ok. I is all lot of fun! {:)}
Mac Games Rating Bernard (10/8/2007 - version 1.05)
I have the 10.4.9 OS X system with my G4 in Belgium and the game doesn't work anymore. It works but very slowly. Would it be possible to get an update of FA 18 so it can work withthe new OS System. Thank you for answer me
Mac Games Rating fred (4/9/2007 - version 1.05)
sorry but this the best review i can give because i cant get the game to work.the only thing i can do is fly the plane real jerkey in like super slow motion.i followed the instructions compleately and tried all of their suggestions,but nothing helps.i use a eMac OS X 4.8 i have never had any trouble with games until now.would really appreciate any help anyone might have. thanks.
Mac Games Rating My Apologies (1/6/2006 - version 1.05)
Sorry, this has nothing to do with the game, which is fun. I just wanted to respond to Nebula. Yes, we Americans (people who live in the most powerful, stable, and free country in the world) do try anything to make more money. But, HEY! Everyother country just prints more money, which in turn screws themsleves over when they realize the concept of inflation. IF they ever realize that. Also, they make a game about Iraq because it fits the current situation in the world. That's why there are Vietnam games and games for any other war you can think of. -CRY MORE!
Mac Games Rating lh (10/11/2005 - version 1.04)
I have been playing Hornet/Korea for years and bought OIF and have problems with a Logitech Wingman joystick. Cool looking game.
Mac Games Rating Navy_1 (4/20/2005 - version 1.04)
Good Game, cockpit set up it vary real good play control,sound could be better and more wing command options,........Nebula if you don't like the game don't play it,most FPS and combat flight Sims are created around historical war events so i wuold assumeyou would know that fi you are playing the game so if you live in the us and dont like the game its you Right my advice it to move to Iraqi
Mac Games Rating f-18 (12/25/2004 - version 1.02b2)
Mac Games Rating Hysteria (12/7/2004 - version 1.02b2)
To add to your list GR8, I was thinking graphsim could make a game were you simulate Sept. 11th, hey! That'd make a great flight sim! And then maybe as a bonus level you could take a bunch of school children hostage and randomly kill them!
Mac Games Rating GR8-2shoot-U (12/6/2004 - version 1.02b2)
nebula, if you thinks it's wrong,why are you looking for an update? Interestingly enough,F/A-18 has been about iraq since the game was created. maybe graphsim should create a game about riding camels or taking hostages or homicide bombers or gassing kurds. Would that make you "feel" better. Semper Fi
Mac Games Rating Nebula (12/4/2004 - version 1.02b2)
No mistake; I like shooting games, but I think it is very wrong to make a game about Iraq. You Americans do anything to make some money don't you?

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F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom (1.04)
F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom (1.05)

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