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Publisher Guild Software
Type Demo
License Demo
Version 1.8.219
Date Added 5/14/2012
Size 230.4 MB
Downloads This Version 1,677
Downloads of All Time 26,764
Vendetta Online 1.8.219
Massive multi-player spaceship game.

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Mac Games Rating Big Wanker (8/23/2012 - version 1.8.219)
Well my rating is based on the game, but not the number of players. The number of players in game sucks and yet the game itself is good, but without more players it sort of sucks too. So I'll give the game great rating. But it gets really boring quick with no one around to shoot at except NPC robots
Mac Games Rating 2nd Time Around (5/9/2012 - version 1.8.217)
Returned to this game after seven years; technically, it is nicely rendered and reasonably well behaved. It is a PvPer's game, primarily, although non-PvPer's (like me) can find enough to do to warrant the subscription rate. Unfortunately, as has been mentioned before, griefing continues to be a big issue and has only gotten worse. After a couple months I've once again cancelled my subscription; I've no interest in a game that, although beautiful, passively promotes online bullying. I doubt I'll be back.
Mac Games Rating Bobbie (12/28/2011 - version 1.8.199)
The game is not boring, and technically it's a very satisfying space simulator. It does, however, take a lot of time to do anything or go anywhere. The real problem is the uncontrolled griefing that goes on constantly. Although Guild claims they don't tolerate it, they have their own definition that excludes all conceivable human behavior. NPCs that are supposed to assist when you are illegally attacked are underpowered and no help, and a player organization created to alleviate the problem spend all their time role-playing and do not actually assist anyone in trouble. Ryan Reign is one of the most notorious griefers in the game, so naturally HE'S having fun (at the expense of new players). VO has the same core problem as EVE: no level caps, meaning the players griefing you now will always be more powerful than you. This should have been a great game, but the griefing makes it a complete waste of time and money. Everything you manage to build (and rebuild and rebuild) will be destroyed (repeatedly) by these bullies, and that does not meet anyone's definition of fun.
Mac Games Rating BLACKRABBIT (11/20/2011 - version 1.8.197)
This is the most boring game you will ever play. You have to travel everywhere, which is really SLOW. Just to do a trade mission is holding down the tab key, for, get this, 14 minutes while you jump and jump and jump. Try it. You will see. Then there is mining. OMG. It is slow and slower. So, last is trading, in a big ship that is even SLOWER. Don't belive me? try it..... you will see.
Mac Games Rating Devskilledthis (6/2/2011 - version 1.8.177)
Game is dead. User base is about 10 regulars that have been there for years, and seem to suffer from personality disorders, then five or six trial members at a time. Half won't speak your language and the other half will troll you for a friend key. They run multiple IRC bots for weirdos that are't even playing to annoy you with details of their lackluster lives. This also gives the illusion of no zero player time, which is false as there are least four or more link campers on at any time, which might be your only company for hours. The Manual is hidden inside the application package. The tutorials are hideous overwritten walls of text. The user base will tell you "RTFM" or to look on the wiki, or to download a dozen plugins to make the UI not complete crap, etc. Game could have done well as a simple $40 client/server package like Halo with user made mods. Instead its a dead fish with bad reviews going back six years.
Mac Games Rating matthew (6/30/2009 - version 1.8.77)
RECOMMEND YOU GET THE DEMO AWSOME DUDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mac Games Rating Untadaike (4/7/2009 - version 1.8.66)
Does not work on 10.5 macs. X(
Mac Games Rating Ryan Reign (12/9/2008 - version 1.8.51)
I have been playing VO for years. what can I say, its simply put...the greatest game out there. since I started playing, my game consoles and game collection have just been collecting dust! I have over 2000 dollars worth of video games and thanks to VO they are being neglected!!! even my wife is neglecting the console games and getting a VO account! WONT SOME BODY THINK OF THE CONSOLE GAMES!!! another great thing about VO, she uses an old Mac G3 laptop and VO STILL WORKS ON IT! seriously, it has all the standard MMO, fighting, mining, piracey...etc...etc...with out the massive amounts of newb killers and griefers that you get in many other MMO's. I have even seen pirates helping new players get used to the game rather than boom them right off! you can actually find the Developers of the game IN GAME!!! try that with other MMOs! it gets weekly updates, it ACTUALLY HAS a PCC, Player Contribution Corp! this means that players can create missions and content! HOWS THAT FOR PLAYER DRIVEN?!?! so go...down load the game. play the trial, get a subscription. its 10 bucks a month!
Mac Games Rating Person (12/9/2008 - version 1.8.51)
Amazing game, great userbase, awesome devs, but as I know people don't pay for the company, I'll elaborate on the game. It is the intense twitch-based combat that keeps me so hopelessly addicted to VO. The adrenaline, skill, and fun are unparalleled in any other game I've played. From duels and single combat to epic, large-scale engagements, the combat system is beautiful in its simplicity, (real physics and simple projectile motion apply to most aspects), yet endlessly exciting in its intricacies. I will let other players elaborate on other aspects of the game, or you can try the free, no-strings-attached 8-hour GAME-PLAY, not real-time, trial of the game.
Mac Games Rating roca-baton (12/9/2008 - version 1.8.51)
The game was great 5 years ago when I started playing. I am still playing today, as much as my time allows it, and the game is great even when the population is low. If you long to play a space exploration game packed with a lot of action, shooting, pirating, mining commerce and god knows what-not, go to the Vendetta-Online website, create a test account and see for yourself. You will get 8 hours of game-play and you only need to register with minimal details. See you in-game!

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