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Publisher MacSoft
Type Update
License Update
Version 1.6.9
Date Added 7/14/2008
Size 478 MB
Downloads This Version 21,880
Downloads of All Time 37,258
Neverwinter Nights 1.6.9
Patches Neverwinter Nights to version 1.6.9

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Mac Games Rating Blue Moon (7/31/2008 - version 1.6.9)
It seems that on a PPC running 10.4.11, after this patch (1.6.9) the game no longer nags for a CD. Or has it been that way for awhile and I didn't notice until now. Still a great game
Mac Games Rating Evan (9/15/2006 - version 1.6.8)
While the actual campaign is disappointing, there are some great player made modules and multiplayer is a blast. Plus, this patch actually makes it work again for people who aren't running 10.4..
Mac Games Rating shut up (9/14/2006 - version 1.6.8)
this game rocks and, yeah shut up losers!
Mac Games Rating Shannon (6/23/2006 - version 1.6.7b4)
The game is great. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE PATCHES!!!! IT KILLED MY GAME! It is now in the morgue and I can not play... boo hooo.
Mac Games Rating Brak (4/20/2006 - version 1.6.7b4)
Best money I ever spend on a game. Bought it 2 years ago and still having fun, and the end is not in sight. More than excellent support too.
Mac Games Rating Belcarius (4/16/2005 - version 1.6.6b2)
This update is worthless. Basically it won't even let you open the program anymore. I've done this about four times, following the instructions to the letter, but no. The worst part of it is that NWN was a decent game when I could play it.
Mac Games Rating J.R. (12/7/2004 - version 1.6.4)
Mac Games Rating WhOfLuNgPoO?'s Mom (10/24/2004 - version 1.6.4b3)
Yeah, I should have looked at the packaging first, or read a review. Oh well. His brother likes the game though, so it wasn't a waste of money. I like the game too!
Mac Games Rating chicken_bone (12/16/2003 - version 1.32)
great game everyone. idiot po there doesn't know what the hell he's talkting about. BUY THIS GAME (then download the patch).
Mac Games Rating "Poo"=Shit (10/18/2003 - version 1.32)
Don't listen to that idiot Poo. You're obviously some ignorant ill-mannered little 10 yr old using mommies computer who A)Probably couldn't figure out how to play, so he sucked at it and B)it shows in what you said about the game. What's the matter? Didn't look at the box before you (mommy?) purchased? Didn't read any reviews on it to base a significant intelligent deciscion on whether or not to buy this game? Folks, buy this game: in my opinion it's very good, and very faiithful to the D&D Rule set. Good graphics (provided you can meet the requirements), and a very good RPG. If you want hack n' slash action, try Dungeon Siege (another good game), otherwise be ready for a long game with a good storyline, and lots of modules to use for it. Parents: please keep your children off the internet, and discipline the littel sh*t-heads. Peace to everyone.

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Neverwinter Nights Shadows of Undrentide
Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark

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