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Mac Games Details
Publisher theDailyGrind
Type Shareware
License Freeware
Version 2.0
Date Added 12/8/2003
Size 18 MB
Downloads 3,844
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Kimdom Come Web Site - Visit the Kimdom Come Web Site for more information
Kimdom Come 2.0

Discover the enlightenment of Juche Socialism from Kim Jong-Il's Glorious Missile Command Balcony. Marvel at wonderous new waving-at-parades technology, and the entirely peaceful "sea of fire" program, successor to the moribund "field of food" scheme.

Use your Flying Dong 2 missiles to fend off detente with the puppets of the south. With President Roh & his "sunshine" policy out of the way, you won't have to suffer his donations of food and oil ever again! Blasting aid, waving at parades, eliminating traitors, nuking your own cities... it's fun! fun! fun! north of the DMZ.

Although the action will become fast and furious, victory is surely within the grasp of a Dear Leader whose official biography notes that his birth was marked by a new star, and who composed six operas, designed the Juche Tower, and invented the tractor.

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

• New type of foreign aid: muffins
• Kidnap South Korean film personalities to make propaganda

Mac Games System Requirements

Classic and Mac OS X
• MacOS 8.6 or higher
• MacOS X

Mac Games Download

Kimdom Come

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating MMMM-BOP O' Mao Mao (1/15/2006 - version 2.0)
Humorous and funny. Definitely not meant for serious political analysis. If you're going to get deeply offended by incredibly silly video game satire maybe the internet is a dangerous place for you in the first place, but if you have the ability to laugh at geopolitical humor even if it is simplistic, this game will at least make you laugh for a little bit.
Mac Games Rating CarrotCake (6/21/2003 - version 1.0)
this game is HYSTERICAL!!! who cares about the game, the best part is the start-up story!!! the writer should consider getting into film!!
Mac Games Rating Zatan (6/19/2003 - version 1.0)
haha suck suck!
Mac Games Rating Llegovski (6/17/2003 - version 1.0)
We created the gap between the Koreans in the first place; we continued to escalate the cold war up until now, causing a militaristic regime to rise; we stuck a harsh economic embargo on it, and now they have starvation.
Mac Games Rating Cynical (6/14/2003 - version 1.0)
Are you commies naive or disingenuous? How is North Korea a US political experiment? Only 4 people are "deeply responsible" for the plight of its people: Mao, Stalin, Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il. Not the people of Japan, the ROK and Hawaii who are threatened with nuclear destruction on a daily basis.

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