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Publisher 2510
Type Shareware
License Free
Version 1.2a2
Date Added 3/17/2003
Size 597 K
Downloads 20,593
FlareStorm 1.2a2
Sony Playstation emulator

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Mac Games Rating ananamous (3/5/2004 - version 1.2a2)
Flarestorm has the capability to make ps1 disc images so that proves that coolsoldier has no idea what he's talking about. The biggest problem is finding a ps1 BIOS. If you own a ps1 it is legal for you to download a bios online. You can do that at "". And Moogle plz don't refer to the program as a piece of junk. It runs really well as long as you can find out how to use it, which isn't exactly easy. It has minor bugs, like the sound is choppy, but u cn turn it off by changing it to NullSPU in emulator options. I can finally play FF7 on my comp. The one issue I've had is that some movies screw it up. The summon "Shiva" causes it to freeze, which duznt matter b/c shiva sux, and I've had a problem where one of the main story movies, the one played after you are required to defeat Diamond weapon causes a problem. If sum1 finds a way to fix this, I'd really appreciate it.
Mac Games Rating melod (5/18/2003 - version 1.2a2)
seriously, i like andrew followed all instructions to extract this app with terminal, but for some reason it didn't work. am i missing a step?
Mac Games Rating coolsoldier (4/13/2003 - version 1.2a2)
Could be a good emulator, but since there is no way to rip a PS Rom an a Mac (as far as I know) it's not of much use.
Mac Games Rating Moogle (4/6/2003 - version 1.2a2)
Piece of junk. I got it to download ok, and i even extracted it with Terminal, but then when I tried to load the app nothing happened.
Mac Games Rating Andrew Barcock (3/19/2003 - version 1.2a2)
Hey, um, I've downloaded it and followed the instructions on the website - don't expand with stuffit - and followed the instructions of stuff to do in Terminal. I end up with this error message: tar: Failed open to read on FlareStorm.tar.gz [localhost:~/Desktop] jld% gzip: compressed data not read from a terminal. Use -f to force decompression. For help, type: gzip -h [localhost:~/Desktop] jld% tar -zxf FlareStorm.tar gzip: stdin: not in gzip format tar: End of archive volume 1 reached tar: Sorry, unable to determine archive format. Anybody had any luck with this?
Mac Games Rating Chris (3/18/2003 - version 1.2a2)
Promising 3rd party software emulation for the playstation on OS X. hmmm no one else is working on this, but let's dismiss it because they're from another country. yeah that makes sense............
Mac Games Rating me (3/17/2003 - version 1.2a2)
Umm, for those of you who apparently can't read English either: At the top of the page there is a link to the English Version. Oh, and BTW: It's Japanese, not Korean.
Mac Games Rating TaDah (3/11/2003 - version 1.2a1)
Get's a 5 for effort and because you simpletons can't spell Korean.
Mac Games Rating khorbo (3/10/2003 - version 1.2a1)
seem nice, if only i can run it... or be a corean
Mac Games Rating Sam Warmuth (3/5/2003 - version 1.2a1)
i give it a 3 not because the app is not good, but because the site is not in english, and there is no obvious download option. i looked around the site for a while, and finally found it. go to, then click the hyperlink that has "flarestorm" inbetween the other characters

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