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Tank Fighters
Mac Games Details
Publisher Bullseye Software
Type Shareware
License $20
Version 1.0.5
Date Added 5/10/2005
Size 2 MB
Downloads 12,067
Mac Games User Reviews
Tank Fighters 1.0.5

TankFighters is a fast paced, 3D tank game that promises quick action and rewarding game play. TankFighters is a ton of fun alone or for a different kind of challenge, play online with up to 8 people.

TankFighters takes place in a smallish world with up to 8 tanks battling for glory. Because of the small size of the world, action begins briskly and never slows down. Each world has buildings and hills providing hiding space and defensive ground.

TankFighters is not a complex game. You'll be fighting and winning in no time. Begin in the "Target Practice" mode where nothing shoots at you. Then progress to a 4vs4 game, where you can let your team mates lead the fight. As your confidence and skill increase, you can play games with fewer and fewer team mates, and more enemy tanks.

The turret in TankFighters can move independently from the tank. This is a huge benefit. In many tank games, you can only shoot in the direction the tank is facing. This means that when two tanks shoot at each other, most likely, they hit each other with every shot. That makes for kind of a quick end. But with TankFighters you can drive in one direction and fire in another. This, while slightly confusing at first, is a huge advantage once mastered. And the shells move at a pace where a skillful player can avoid all but the best aimed shots.

The enemy tanks have a variety of strategies they employ. Sometimes they are aggressive and bold, other times meek and submissive. There personality may even change during a game. You'll want to try different strategies, choose from: follow the leader, hide and seek, run and gun, wait and see, or invent your own. Each game is fairly short so you can quickly try different strategies and techniques.

Since the turret can be facing a different direction from the tank, 2 windows are needed for aiming and driving. And that is exactly what TankFighters provides. A larger, main window for the turret view, and a smaller window for driving. Plus, TankFighters includes a tactical radar screen, and a "chase" view. Four windows in all.

TankFighters is distributed electronically, meaning you can download the complete game right now. Try out the complete game for free. You can see if you like it, and make sure it runs well on your computer.

Then to purchase, simply place an order on our online secure order form for a registration number which we will return via email. You already will have the complete program, but the registration number is required for continued play, and to eliminate an occasional sales pitch screen.

Please be sure the program runs well on your computer and that you like it before purchasing, with this kind of electronic distribution there can be NO REFUNDS.

Special from the Publisher:

TankFighters is $24.95. Order your registration number within 2 weeks of downloading and they'll knock $4.95 off the price, making TankFighters just $20!

TankFighters Feature List:
• Up to 8 tanks fighting at once
• Turret moves independent from the tank
• Excellent Computer AI
• 6 different worlds
• 4 viewing windows
• Online Play with up to 8 people
• Dual Platform Support, runs on Windows and Mac
• Program is stable.

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

• Fixed a problem with OSX TankFighters and 10.4

Mac Games System Requirements

Classic and Mac OS X
• MacOS X 10.1.5 or higher
• MacOS 8 and later for 1.0.1

Mac Games Download

Tank Fighters (1.0.1 OS9)
TankFighters (OSX)

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Oelmuvun (9/24/2004 - version 1.0.3)
I kinda like it, it is very easy to control, would be a blast with friends, shareware message makes it more of a challenge(I have never lost due to it thought) and finally I still use OS 9.2.2(not enough RAM for X or money for RAM)so I am always looking for older games or new games that will run on my Specal Edition DV iMac with 128MB RAM
Mac Games Rating Muter (4/19/2004 - version 1.0.3)
Enemies far too easy in demo. Graphics alright but bland. Lacks overall depth. I hope in the full game there is some type of storyline and plot as shooting random tanks probably would get dull after a while but we don't get to find out in the demo as it gets cut off after 5 minutes. Why not just one full mission?
Mac Games Rating ‡‹€\//\/\?|\|™ (4/5/2003 - version 1.0.3)
i dont know how youm can even rate this the stupud pop up is bad and the rest of the game is bad lol......................................;,N:JLBHJV JKดดว?็ ??ิYEA...
Mac Games Rating Flim (4/5/2003 - version 1.0.3)
Tried to play it - couldnt get mmy head round the game due to the ridiculous nagging popup. Played it for 5 minutes before quitting in disgust and removing it from my hard drive. All the moronic publisher had to so was only include 1 level - that way we could actually playt it and find out if we like it. Then if its good the majority would happily fork out (well $25 is ridiculous) to play the full game. Anyway - the game seems unplayable and irritating. Dont bother.
Mac Games Rating LelandC (MGF) (8/5/2001 - version 1.0.1)
Fun. However, the shareware message that pops up is devastating.

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