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Publisher Richard Bannister
Type Tool
License Freeware
Version 0.4
Date Added 9/29/2008
Size 1.4 MB
Downloads This Version 2,668
Downloads of All Time 10,757
BoycottAdvance 0.4
Gameboy Advance emulator for the Macintosh.

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Mac Games Rating asse (10/9/2014 - version 0.4)
Mac Games Rating hosam (6/29/2006 - version 0.3.7)
Mac Games Rating $$? h n n? h $ (2/8/2005 - version 0.3.5)
Mac Games Rating ernest (5/6/2004 - version 0.3.0)
Mac Games Rating john (4/14/2004 - version 0.3.0)
Mac Games Rating FlakCannonSniping (9/7/2003 - version 0.3.0)
OMG 0.3.0 SUX COMPARED TO 0.2.8!:( It has a slower framerate, glitchier ablilities and other bad this and that. Luckily SeaN is my friend so he gave me the BETTER 0.2.8. That version gets 5 stars for a great emulator that is not 0.2.9 or 0.3.0, which are ONLY for OSX(although i already have it) and are much glitchier, so if you see someone having .2.8, tell ur friends to go there to get da emulator.:)
Mac Games Rating SonicChocobo (8/22/2003 - version 0.2.9)
What happened? 2.8 was simple, the frame rate was awesome, saving files was no problem, same for freeze states. In this version the frame rate runs at a horrible speed, and the music in my games are all garbled. Just like ''The Nobody'' said, it does not read your save files from 2.8 even if you put them in the battery ram folder(very far on megaman battle network 3 too...). You have 2 options of the window size: super tiny and full screen. What happened to the x1x2x3 etc? Though, it is a solid emulator, and these problems should be fixed in the future. Why did I delete 2.8?!?! *smacks self* - I've notice that changing the frame rate to 60fps, the animations in the game move smoother, but the game itself is slower.
Mac Games Rating thewall2001_ (8/19/2003 - version 0.2.9)
I have this on my Windows xp but i only have mac os 9.2 and i was wondering where i could get a gba emulator for mac os 9.2.Thanks everyone who replys to me.
Mac Games Rating The ROM KING (8/18/2003 - version 0.2.9)
yall who need roms 4 da gba u shud type in "GBA ROMS "(the name of ur rom)" into google search and then start at a page like page 3 becoz the number 1 and 2 pages contain fake websites ...GUD LOOK ROM HUNTERS!
Mac Games Rating The Nobody (8/9/2003 - version 0.2.9)
I tried this version of Boycott. It looks extremely promising! Unfortunately, it seems the ability to save your game is not as good as the previous Boycott Advance (ver 0.2.8.). For instance, it does not recognize my old game save files (Battery RAM) from the previous version, and it seems it does not save the games. For now, I'm reverting to the previous version until this bug worked out. Like I said before though, it looks very promising! Keep up the good work Richard!

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