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Publisher Dark Shadow Software Limited
Type Demo
License Demo
Version 1.1.1
Date Added 8/2/2001
Size 73 MB
Downloads 13,153
Star Conquest Demo 1.1.1
Science fiction turn based strategy game

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Mac Games Rating Darren Bane (3/25/2006 - version 1.1.1)
I liked MOO2, so would have liked a Mac port of GalCiv 2. This was the closest I found, I'm enjoying it so far.
Mac Games Rating Krieghund (5/14/2004 - version 1.1.1)
Painfull download connection, even with a DSL modem. 10-15 bytes per/sec not acceptable. BLAH! I tell yah the Game better be worth it.
Mac Games Rating dustryan (12/30/2003 - version 1.1.1)
closest game I have found to Pax Imperia (a game I loved but will not work on my new Mac) I will purchase it and have a lot of fun playing.
Mac Games Rating Chris Loief (8/6/2001 - version 1.1.1)
I dont know, its a good strategy game, takes some time to learn but most strategy games do. If you dont like strategy games this is not for you, it even says so on the company page if im not mistaken.
Mac Games Rating Pathetic (8/5/2001 - version 1.1.1)
extremely boreing , not even worth the 5 minutes it took me to download it. Youll regret downloading this game.
Mac Games Rating Whacktacular (8/2/2001 - version 1.1.1)
Waste of time. At this price this games suks like there is no tomorrow. Hmm gee should i buy this or pay a ton less and get Oni? haha
Mac Games Rating So let me get this straight.. (5/30/2001 - version 1.0)
Should I download this or not? The two authors/developers of this game are the only ones who giveit 5 thumbs, the rest rebuke it. What should I do....what shudaaadoooo? Maybe dance.....or sing...or dance
Mac Games Rating Game Tester 1.0 (5/8/2001 - version 1.0)
Can someone say terrible. One main reason is that it majorly lacked graphics. Get someone to produce better 3d like graphics. The voice gets very annoying very fast. The interface takes forever to figure out. So when you decide to if you should download the demo or buy this game don't. Unless you like poor graphics.
Mac Games Rating Mark (4/19/2001 - version 1.0)
I little to complex for my tastes, and I think the graphics are boring.
Mac Games Rating Adam Wild (4/9/2001 - version 1.0)
Although Ron's review is biased only SLIGHTLY *wink*, I have to agree with his rating. After having seen the game develop as a beta tester over the past many months, I can say he's done amazing things with the game. For those of you who complain that the game has weak graphics, show me a game in the turn-based space warfare strategy conquest genre that even comes close. Anything out there is archaic by today's standards (see Pax Imperia, Master's of Orion 1&2) and Star Conquest raises the bar a few levels higher. It's fun to play, and that's what truly counts.

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