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Publisher G Randall
Type Shareware
License $30
Version 7.4
Date Added 8/9/2012
Size 6.9 MB
Downloads This Version 1,321
Downloads of All Time 9,504
Cricket 3D 7.4
Play Cricket on your Mac

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Mac Games Rating phan (5/19/2010 - version 5.0)
No proper controls ... sucks like any thing dont buy
Mac Games Rating CaryMG (3/30/2009 - version 4.0)
Great game! I downloaded it cause I always wanted ta know about Cricket & this provides the *perfect* venue! MUTER > "I thought there wouldn't be enough violence, hotdogs and cheerleaders for them?" Ya mean like at a soccergame where after a stadiumwide teamchantcheer a holliganriot breaks out and dozens of people are killed or permanately maimed while eating fish & chips? Ass ....
Mac Games Rating ANGamer (4/30/2008 - version 3.0)
Would like to say I enjoyed it, but instructions would have helped...
Mac Games Rating First timer (7/15/2005 - version 10.2)
Quit unexpectedly on 10.4.2. Needs work.
Mac Games Rating Muter (4/13/2004 - version 9.0)
I haven't played any of the previous versions of the game so I can't comment on the improvements of the graphics or gameplay but from a first timers point of view I found the graphics pretty impresive for a 1.8 MB download. Hitting down the ground is easy enough but getting any power when hitting square of the wicket is nigh on imposible. If ground was made an oval in the next version, it would make it more attractive to hit square (aren't most grounds oval anyway?) otherwise it becomes a task of hitting down the ground which becomes dull. Never seen another cricket game for Mac so can't complain I guess. As for an a American liking Cricket?! I thought there wouldn't be enough violence, hotdogs and cheerleaders for them?
Mac Games Rating James Logan (4/13/2004 - version 9.0)
This is one game my friends with Windows are jealous of.
Mac Games Rating Luigi (8/29/2002 - version 7.0)
G. Randall's "Cricket" is the best cricket simulator for any platform, and is better than any of those sports like tennis and golf. One option that I would like to see would be special players, like Rohan Kanhai or Sir Donald Bradman.
Mac Games Rating Cob (7/18/2001 - version 6.0)
Fun stuff, good to see a playable cricket game. The batting model was tricky at first, but I think the method you've used is probably the best available. There are a few little bugs regarding the fielding, but aside from that, a fun game! Oh, and I think you may have based the skill level of the fielders on the English team a little too heavily. No one misfields *that* much in international cricket ('cept the Poms!) ;)
Mac Games Rating AHGamer (4/16/2001 - version 6.0)
Best cricket game for any platform I've ever played. Perhaps it should include a condensation of the rules of cricket fo those few Americans (like me) who don't know what they are?
Mac Games Rating redguy4 (12/30/2000 - version 5.3)
Very much like real cricket. Umpires making mistakes, spin bowlers action realistic, graphics not the best, but not bad. Could be a few more additons like leg byes and the amount of deliveries a batsman has faced and when a batsman goes out for duck there could be a little yellow duck istead of just 0. Great game!

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Cricket 2.0

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