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Publisher Graphic Simulations
Type Update
License Update
Version 1.4.2
Date Added 3/8/2002
Size 1 MB
Downloads 17,843
Descent 3 1.4.2
Updates Descent 3 to version 1.4.2

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Mac Games Rating rattus (6/14/2006 - version 1.4.2)
This game is now impossible to play due to major instability issues. It seems to crash Classic hard when choosing options, loading missions and breathing incorrectly. Very upsetting for such a cool game :(
Mac Games Rating fetsmacgames (2/14/2005 - version 1.4.2)
What mavnick said. Duane Johnson, the original Mac programmer of Descent 3, is porting it to Mac OS X. I haven't heard any news about it in a while. If D3 for Mac OS X ever comes out, I'll be playing it for, like, ever.
Mac Games Rating wolffredo (12/13/2004 - version 1.4.2)
what mavnick said
Mac Games Rating Boblord (4/19/2004 - version 1.4.2)
What Nagromme said
Mac Games Rating (11/14/2003 - version 1.4.2)
Descent 3 for mac OS X "PLEASE, for the Love of God"
Mac Games Rating Nagromme (5/6/2002 - version 1.4.2)
Get the 1.4.1 patch but NOT the 1.4.2 patch. Apparently the newest nVidia drivers are now fine with 1.4.1, and multiplayer works better with that version. I've tried D3 on a G4 iMac--works great!
Mac Games Rating PAVEL007 (4/10/2002 - version 1.4.2)
I couln't EVER get higher texture resolutions, or any other tweaks for better graphics without having the game crash or freeeze upon me. Many times it's impossible to read any text on the walls due to poor "low" texture quality (I can't change them without a crash). These texts/signs are very important for navigation. This game is unfortunatelly not worth the 20 bucks. The PC version is much better when it comes to actual functionality & optimization. :-( Also the Multiplayer setup is badly behind the times. G4 500 MHz, 512 MB RAM, Radeon retail, OS 9.2.2, every SYS SW up to the date.
Mac Games Rating KMAonna (4/8/2002 - version 1.4.2)
For the best game to ever come to the Mac, GraphSim should devote a little more oomph to the updates...don't update D3 to run on 9.1, update it to run on X and/or Classic. Still major problems with DrawSprocketLib and network play. Please don't disappoint the Mac community GraphSim, we love your stuff.
Mac Games Rating Randy Hines (4/4/2002 - version 1.4.2)
Just installed the patch on my G4 350 with 384MB RAM and my new ATI Radeon 8500. Whenever setting the settings to their maximum, I get a mostly white screen once the level loads. Didn't try other levels to verify. Given that this game is about three years old and the technology supporting it is even older, I suppose there would be issues with a brand new top of the line Radeon.
Mac Games Rating MOuse (3/29/2002 - version 1.4.2)
Graphics smoke now, but no PXO online play. The screen just bounces back to the main menu when you try to log on. Anyone have a soulution? I guess it's 1.4.1 for now.

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Descent 3 (1.4.2)

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