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Mac Games Details
Publisher Bungie Software
Type Demo
License Demo
Date Added 4/20/2000
Size 5 MB
Downloads 6,672
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Marathon web site - Visit the Marathon web site for more information

Marathon is set far in the future on a colony ship in outer space. A security officer on the mission, you are the last hope for defending the ship as hostile and intelligent aliens prepared to destroy every living thing. Marathon provides the player with amazing futuristic weaponry, introduces a multitude of horrifying creatures and traverses hundreds of miles of terrain over multiple elevations, all depicted in high resolution graphics. The Marathon engine is sophisticated enough to create non-orthogonal spaces, resulting in arbitrarily-shaped rooms. In another breakthrough, the aliens utilize a dynamic-sensing artificial intelligence that makes them fiendishly clever adversaries. The game's surreal environment stimulates all the senses, enveloping the player in situations that reek of evil.

The game is designed to run on an 8-Bit (256 color) Macintosh with system 6.0.5 or better, 3 megabytes of RAM and a hard drive. Marathon will ship as a "fat-binary," providing optimal performance on 68k-based and RISC-based Macintoshes. Other features include a functionally-designed interface and a special "performance mode" to make the game run faster on slower computers.

Mac Games System Requirements

Classic Only
• Mac
• 8 bit color
• System 6.0.5 or better
• 3 MB RAM

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Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Reid (11/28/2007)
The graphics are kinda dated. But it has the best storyline that's ever been in a game! Great gameplay, great story, good map design, ect. What are you waiting for?! Download it now!!
Mac Games Rating Alex French (8/27/2004)
The graphics are outdated, yes, but the story lives on. What a great game. For those of you that want to play marathon check out Download Aleph One and the enhanced textures. Aleph One allows cool OpenGL effects such as transparency, and the enhanced textures make the game look much better. Now go download them. You will be thankful for having done so. I garuntee it.
Mac Games Rating Timmy (9/6/2003)
Mac Games Rating Knight who says "Ni!" (7/3/2001)
Even though I prefer Marathon 2, it was a very close battle. I still haven't decided about Marathon vs Marathon Infinity. Yes, you're probably right. The graphics are extremely dated, but the gameplay lives on! Oh, what gameplay! Mmmmm. I also like the plot. Better than that laughably poor excuse for a plot that Doom had. There are, of course other technical improvements that make Marathon better than Doom, like smaller pixels, a real Hudd, genuine network options and the like. Doom bad. Marathon good. Buy Marathon. Even if you already have a copy, buy it again.
Mac Games Rating Andrew Nagy (12/7/2000)
The game design and plot in Marathon are cool beyond all comprehension. It isn't actually "the original first-person shooter from Bungie," though—that would be Pathways into Darkness, which had much more primitive graphics but still great atmosphere. And of course it doesn't really "stimulate all the senses." Other ads mention dynamic lighting, which also isn't there. But making up for the various graphical shortcomings are 24-bit color in friggin' 1994, and professional texture and sprite artwork that gives the game an anime feel and makes Doom look like the pathetic hack job it is.

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