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  Warblade 1.33 - Remake of Deluxe Galaga 15.9MB   arcade  
  Vectorfighter - Free action space game programmed with Python and PyGame 1000K   arcade  
  Kuklomenos - An abstract shoot-em-up with some strategical aspects 702K   arcade  
  Chainz - Un-chain your brain with CHAINZ! 4.1MB   arcade  
  Sally's Salon 1.0.1 - Help Sally spread her salon savvy. 26MB   arcade  
  Tetris Zone 1.2.1 - The classic game with four modes of play. 38.8MB   arcade  
  Apeiron X 1.0.3 - Apeiron X is Ambrosia's highly acclaimed classic for OS X 7.4MB   arcade  
  Bubble Trouble X 1.1 - Cutthroat fishies play harball in a squabble over wet turf 15.7MB   arcade  
  Mars Explorer 1.6 - Ascend huge Mars volcanoes and race around playing laser tag with your friends over the internet 4.44MB   arcade  
  Super Bounce Out 2.3 - Game of fast-paced matching 1.35MB   arcade  
  Roids! 0.96 Alpha - Free and open source remake of the 1979 hit game Asteroids 287K   arcade  
  Germ Patrol 1.1 - Arcade germ blasting game 20.9MB   arcade  
  Space Penetrators 2.1.3 - The Calm Before the Swarm... 17.9MB   arcade  
  SketchFighter 4000 Alpha 1.1.0 - Retro arcade shooter from Ambrosia Software 18.1MB   arcade  
  Smiley's Challenge 2.0 - Three maze challenges for kids 5MB   arcade  
  Dome Wars 1.7.1 - A game of war on the Mac for 1 to 10 players 8.4MB   arcade  
  Hollow Ground Special Edition 1.1.8 - Descend into an underground bunker to fight the mutants. 19.8MB   arcade  
  Smiley's Shooty Adventure 1.02 - Shoot-em-up packed with frantic action. 4.9MB   arcade  
  Illustrix Dream Pack (Mac) 1.0 - Try this game mix on your Mac! 9318K   arcade  
  Elythril: The Elf Treasure 1.0 - Find the elf treasure - divine Elythril. 18129K   arcade  
  MacPipes X 1.2.8 - Build a pipeline of required length pipe parts 1.5MB   arcade  
  Cubes 2.0 - Revamped version of a classic arcade game. 4.54MB   arcade  
  Ultratron 2.0 - Modern version of the classic Robotron 6.93MB   arcade  
  Supernova: Galactic Wars 1.1.4 - Supernova combines chess with shoot'em up. 8.3MB   arcade  
  ColorRise 1.3 - Addictive color matching game 5.3MB   arcade  
  Smiling Bubbles 1.1 - A very funny game in a cartoon style with bright-colored bubbles for your Mac! 1648K   arcade  
  Rotate Mania 1.0 - Great challenge for your playing skills!!! 1472K   arcade  
  TetriBox 1.1 - 18 catching variants of Tetris for Mac 1117K   arcade  
  Abundante 1.0 - Grab your cart and start smashing bricks and release the shiny gems. 18.2MB   arcade  
  Bubble Snooker (Mac) 1.2 - New dynamic and bright logic game for Mac! 1311K   arcade  
  BlockBuster 1.0 - An addictive intellectual arcade game! 2158K   arcade  
  High Voltage 2 1.5 - Become an electrical current in this arcade game. 11.1MB   arcade  
  NoseDive Prowl 1.2 - Simple space-shooter 284K   arcade  
  Microbop 1.3.1 - You are the pilot of a microscopic, jet-powered vacuum-cleaner. 11.8MB   arcade  
  HeartNote 1.0.1 - A musical heart matching game 4.9MB   arcade  
  Stunt Copter 1.1 - Re-make of the classic 'copter flying game. 480K   arcade  
  Colibricks 1.6 - Destroy bricks using one or more balls and a paddle 3.2MB   arcade  
  netPong 1.1 - Play Pong by tilting your computer! Play alone or with a friend over a local network. 55K   arcade  
  iPong 3.3 - media/pong player 2MB   arcade  
  The Muncher's Labyrinth 1.0.4 - Defend your hoarde from rampaging virtuous knights 10.8MB   arcade  
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