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  Simply Maze Crazy 1.0 - Create unique mazes on your computer. 144K   miscellaneous  
  KidLock 1.0 - This paint and play application keeps kids occupied and your Mac safe. 347K   miscellaneous  
  Dominoes 1.0 - A program to count your dominoes. 1MB   miscellaneous  
  Stupid AppleScript Games 1.6 - Play a variety of games written in AppleScript 448K   miscellaneous  
  Taxpayers' Millions 1.2 - Satirical arcade and puzzle game 18MB   miscellaneous  
  Jigsaw Blocks 1.0 - Addictive puzzle game: Move the blocks to the correct position to solve the puzzle 1MB   miscellaneous  
  Same-X 2.1 - Clone of popular Same puzzle game 2MB   miscellaneous  
  MusicMan 2.04 - Musical word-guessing game 727K   miscellaneous  
  eScope 1.0 - Displays daily horoscope & posts it to iCal or eMail 1MB   miscellaneous  
  Christi's Tree 2.1.1 - Dockable/desktop Christmas tree 642K   miscellaneous  
  JediMaker 1.1.0 - Fun app gives you your Jedi and/or Sith name 1MB   miscellaneous  
  Pirts 1.0.4 - Online comic guide 811K   miscellaneous  
  Untran 1.0 - Toy for making comical round-trip language translations 81K   miscellaneous  
  Beertje 2.6 - Bear floating on the screen 777K   miscellaneous  
  EoBalaNcE 1.1 - Binary thinking game set to sound focused on balance 864K   miscellaneous  
  MacAtomix 1.0 - Puzzle game to construct required atom from molecules 2MB   miscellaneous  
  Elizabethan Insulter 1.0 - Insults from Shakespearean times 32K   miscellaneous  
  RPS 1.0 - Based on the game Rock, Paper, and Scissors 884K   miscellaneous  
  Bounce Toy 1.0 - Toy to grab & throw translucent boxes around the screen 834K   miscellaneous  
  HeckleWords 2.0 - Enriched heckle generator 298K   miscellaneous  
  Horse Bet Game v.1.5 1.5 - You bet money on a horse and then you win or loose it 728K   miscellaneous  
  Hex Appeal 1.0 - Puzzle game, unscramble a hexagonal grid (OS X & Classic) 1MB   miscellaneous  
  Who's the Weak Link Now? 1.1 - Anne Robinson ping-pong like game 361K   miscellaneous  
  Ask Guru Joe 1.1 - Ask the Guru for answers to your questions 460K   miscellaneous  
  Wreath in the Dock (OS X) 1.0 - Animated Christmas wreath in the dock 1MB   miscellaneous  
  Eyeballs 2.0.1 - Eyes that watch the cursor from the desktop or menu bar 66K   miscellaneous  
  That MP3 Game 1.1 - "Name That Tune" with up to 7 other players 1K   miscellaneous  
  McLottery Pro 4.13 - The ultimate lottery simulator 666K   miscellaneous  
  PixelToy 2.5 - Interactive lava lamp that syncs display to audio CDs 2MB   miscellaneous  
  FarmersMahJongg 0.9.1 - Classic Chinese game 1MB   miscellaneous  
  HangARoo 1.1 - Guess the phrase and save the 'roo 690K   miscellaneous  
  Click 'N Slide 1.1 - Slide the pieces and put the picture back together 610K   miscellaneous  
  Blobs Solitaire 1.1 - Hop blobs to make them disappear 460K   miscellaneous  
  Mimic 1.2 - A "Simon" type memory game 452K   miscellaneous  
  The Newer Daleks 1.2 - Strategy game based on the Dr. Who series 948K   miscellaneous  
  Hakoiri-Musume-Jud 0.5.2 - Help free the sheltered daughter 301K   miscellaneous  
  Alvoune 1.0 - Eliminate the squares to complete the puzzle 4MB   miscellaneous  
  A Big Trouble For Gynk 1.1 - Help Gynk get rid of headaches by eating Aspirin pills 1269K   miscellaneous  
  Night Insomnia Moon 1.0 - Switch off the light in the windows 380K   miscellaneous  
  Ghetto Games 2.0 - Set of 6 puzzle games 58K   miscellaneous  
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