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  2021 ITEMS SIZE   TYPE  
  Jigsaw Boom 3 - Jigsaw Boom 3 is a jigsaw puzzle game 29MB   puzzle  
  Spirits Of Mystery: The Dark Minotaur CE 1.0 - Find out who stole your magic animals, and reveal the secret of the Dark Minotaur 847MB   puzzle  
  The Missing Island Of Lost Ships 1.0 - Can you escape from the mysterious Island of Lost Ships? 509MB   action  
  Druids - Battle Of Magic 1.0 - Help the druids restore their magic and stop evil from possessing their ultimate power! 45MB   puzzle  
  Hairy Tales 1.0 - Award-winning "fiendishly difficult" puzzle/strategy game on the vein of ChuChu Rocket and Lemmings 117MB   puzzle  
  Treasures Mystery Island: The Ghost Ship 1.0 - Collect cleverly hidden objects and solve cunning puzzles! 554MB   action  
  Grave Mania: Pandemic Pandemonium 1.0 - The Locas really do put the fun back in funeral in Grave Mania: Pandemic Pandemonium 92MB   simulations  
  Summer Mahjong 1.0 - Mahjongg summer fun – 60 levels, mini games and hidden pictures! 51MB   puzzle  
  Legacy Tales: Mercy Of The Gallows CE 1.0 - Clear the mystery surrounding the pirate captain and the disappearance of his wife. 784MB   action  
  Zodian Prophecies: The Serpent Bearer 1.0 - Free the zodiac children's souls from the Dark Lord! 249MB   puzzle  
  The Book Of Desires 1.0 - Will you able to escape from the World of Book of Desires? 231MB   puzzle  
  Reality Show: Fatal Shot CE 1.0 - Uncover the truth behind a shocking murder aired on TV 87MB   puzzle  
  The Treasures Of Mystery Island 2 1.0 - Return to the present before a rumbling volcano spews its contents! 319MB   puzzle  
  Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty 1.0 - Help Angelica get her witch-stolen beauty back! 17MB   action  
  Angelica Weaver: Catch Me When You Can 1.0 - Help Angelica Weaver! 310MB   puzzle  
  Mystery Trackers: Four Aces 1.0 - Save Brightfield from a shocking plot by a dastardly organization! 169MB   puzzle  
  Haunted Legends: The Undertaker CE 1.0 - Stop the zombie's outbreak throughout the city! 933MB   puzzle  
  Cursed House 2 1.0 - Find a way out the Cursed House once again! 78MB   puzzle  
  Mystery Trackers: Four Aces CE 1.0 - Save Brightfield from a shocking plot by a dastardly organization! 829MB   puzzle  
  Mysteries Of The Mind: Coma CE 1.0 - Fight your way out of a coma by exploring your deepest memories 674MB   puzzle  
  Mayan Prophecies: Ship Of Spirits 1.0 - Find exotic treasures on an ancient galleon! 184MB   action  
  Death Upon An Austrian Sonata CE 1.0 - Can you solve the mystery of the ghostly violinist? 177MB   puzzle  
  Well Balanced 1.0 - Well Balanced is a puzzle game of new kind for fans of brain teasers like Sudoku 19MB   puzzle  
  Rush For Gold: Alaska 1.0 - Take part in the famous "Rush for Gold" in Alaska! 144MB   simulations  
  Fairly Twisted Tales-The Price Of A Rose 1.0 - It's up to you to discover the truth! 565MB   puzzle  
  Hypnosis 1.0 - Hypnotize patients to figure out the mysterious circumstances, behind a doctor’s disappearance 501MB   adventure & rpg  
  Sable Maze: Sullivan River CE 1.0 - Reveal the secret of the ancient labyrinth! 847MB   puzzle  
  Kingdom Tales 1.0 - How glorious your kingdom can be? 424MB   simulations  
  Dale Hardshovel HD 1.0 - Help Dale Hardshovel the famous archeologist solve the Bloomstone Mystery in this Puzzle game! 59MB   puzzle  
  Web Of Deceit: Black Widow 1.0 - Uncover the bizarre history to bring down the Black Widow! 765MB   puzzle  
  Prehistorik 1.0 - Whacking stuff sure gives you an appetite! 160MB   action  
  Sparkle 2 1.0 - Match orbs, challenge the darkness, and uncover the secrets! 57MB   arcade  
  Pet Store Panic 1.0 - Help rebuild a pet store chain with some unique inventions! 117MB   simulations  
  Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper CE 1.0 - Find a prince's lost love in a fantastical faraway land! 964MB   puzzle  
  Wild West Quest 1.0 - Save Grandpa Willy from a gang of banditos and strike it rich as a gold prospector 13MB   puzzle  
  Monochroma v.0.11 - A cinematic puzzle platformer about being a kid and caring for a little brother in a chilling 1950s. 212MB   puzzle  
  Hamlet 1.0 - Guide the Hero on a mission to save Hamlet's girlfriend from the clutches of the evil Claudius! 157MB   adventure & rpg  
  Living Legends: Ice Rose CE 1.0 - Solve the mystery in Rosemount! 602MB   puzzle  
  Asian Riddles 1.0 - Solve the riddles of the far away land Asian generosity will know no bounds! 19MB   board & card  
  Weird Park: Scary Tales 1.0 - Rescue children trapped in a frightening fairytale world! 978MB   action  
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