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  Sheep 1.1 - OS X compatibility patch for the game 295K   arcade  
  The Sims: Hot Date 2.3.1 - Updates The Sims: Hot Date to 2.3.1 3MB   simulations  
  ATI Retail Update July 2002 - For Radeon/7000/8500, RAGE 128 cards 7MB   system  
  Game Doctor June '02 - New June 2002 prescriptions file for Game Doctor 292K   utilities  
  Sacrifice 1.0.1 - Updates Sacrifice to 1.0.1 2MB   strategy & war  
  Game Doctor May '02 - New May 2002 prescriptions file for Game Doctor 68K   utilities  
  Harry Potter 1.0.1 - Updates Harry Potter to 1.0.1 2MB   action  
  Lineage 2.4 - Massively-multiplayer online role-playing game 377MB   adventure & rpg  
  Game Doctor April '02 - New April 2002 prescriptions file for Game Doctor 633K   utilities  
  Diablo II: Lord of Destruction 1.09d - Update Diablo II: Lord of Destruction to v1.09d 6MB   adventure & rpg  
  Diablo II 1.09d - Update for Diablo II, fixes many bugs 9MB   adventure & rpg  
  The Feeble Files Carbon - Carbonized version of The Feeble Files 130K   adventure & rpg  
  Birdie Shoot Carbon - Carbonized version of Birdie Shoot 115K   arcade  
  Game Doctor March '02 - New March 2002 prescriptions file for Game Doctor 136K   utilities  
  Descent 3 1.4.2 - Updates Descent 3 to version 1.4.2 1MB   action  
  F/A-18 Hornet Korea 1.2b1 - Update F/A-18 Hornet Korea to 1.2b1 14MB   simulations  
  Simon the Sorcerer II Carbon - Carbonized version of Simon The Sorcerer II 109K   adventure & rpg  
  Baldur's Gate II 1.1.2 - Updates Baldur's Gate II to 1.1.2 5MB   adventure & rpg  
  Star Trek Voyager: EF XP Holomatch 1.2.1 - OS X update for the expansion pack 639K   action  
  Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Holomatch 1.2.1 - OS X update for the popular game 639K   action  
  GLHexen 2 Update 1.0b9 - Updates GLHexen 2 to v1.0b9 981K   action  
  GLQuake and GLQuake World 1.0b9 - OpenGL updater to Quake and Quake World 486K   action  
  Aliens vs Predator Gold Edition 1.0.4 - Play as 1 of 3 species in this long awaited 1st person shooter. 59MB   action  
  Red Faction 1.2 beta 3 - Updates Red Faction to 1.2, includes OS X version 2MB   action  
  Giants: Citizen Kabuto Build 7 - Update patch for Giants: Citizen Kabuto 4MB   action  
  Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption 1.0.1 - Various bug fixes for Vampire: The Redemption 116K   action  
  Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force 1.2 - Update Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force to v1.2 19MB   action  
  Tropico OS X 1.0.3 - Update for OS X version of Tropico to add stability 713K   strategy & war  
  Rogue Spear Patch 1.0.2 - Official patch for Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear 618K   action  
  Knights & Merchants 1.1 - Bug-fixing patch for this medieval RTS 472K   strategy & war  
  Myst 3: Exile Patch 1.22 - Fix bugs and add OS X support to Myst 3: Exile 7MB   adventure & rpg  
  The Sims 1.1.5 - Update Aspyr's The Sims to 1.1.5 1MB   simulations  
  Apple CarbonLib 1.4 - For using Carbon based apps on OS 8.6 - 9.x - OS X 2MB   system  
  The Sims: Livin' Large 1.2.2 - Update The Sims Livin' Large to version 1.2.2 1MB   simulations  
  You Don't Know Jack 1.01 - The hip trivia quiz game for multiple players 397K   miscellaneous  
  Heavy Metal FAKK 2 1.02c - Unofficial patch to fix problems with chainsword 545K   action  
  Apple GeForce 2.1.1 - Firmware & drivers for the GeForce video card 2MB   system  
  Game Doctor July '01 - New July prescriptions file for Game Doctor 46K   utilities  
  Top Gun 1.1 - Update Top Gun to v1.1 612K   simulations  
  Star Conquest 1.1 - Updates Star Conquest to 1.1 1MB   arcade  
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