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  2764 ITEMS SIZE   TYPE  
  HoverDuel 2.6 - Control hovercrafts in the attempt to destroy one another 169K   arcade  
  Razor Sharp DR8 - Reduce mental fuzz, increase reflexes, and become smarter 130K   board & card  
  RobinMan 1.0a - Guide a man through a series of mazes 3MB   arcade  
  Fuffy 2.1.1 - A simple yet addictive multiplayer dice game 1MB   board & card  
  Keno Buddies 1.1 - Enjoy Keno with your two virtual Keno buddies 7MB   action  
  Sliders 1.0 - Slide rows and columns to move pieces on a board 328K   board & card  
  FreddySUD 1.0 - Help Freddy save Irrinal 93K   arcade  
  Rollem 2.0a - Push your marbles to the bottom of the maze 1MB   board & card  
  Quarry 2.2c - Cross the quarry before your opponent 1MB   board & card  
  TacOps Map Tool 1.0.2 - Make maps for TacOps 107K   utilities  
  Frog Hop 1.1a - Direct the frog across the pond 1MB   arcade  
  Beetle Run 2.2a - Race the clock as you rotate paths for the beetle to run across 1MB   arcade  
  Desk Drop 1.0a - Similar to Tetris but with odd-shaped desks 1MB   arcade  
  Wall-Up 1.0a - Guide four marbles at once into the proper slots 1MB   action  
  Oilcap Pro 2.0a - Put down pipe links to control the flow oil 1MB   arcade  
  Numzum 1.0 - Remove game pieces with values from 15 to -9 2MB   board & card  
  Ronnie's Resort 2.2a - Get Ronnie from the hotel to the beach 1MB   board & card  
  Runes 1.2a - Discover the secret of the Oracle of Runes 1MB   strategy & war  
  Juxto 1.1b - Solve the logic puzzles by planning and moving the objects 2MB   strategy & war  
  Gem Jam 1.0 - A three way logic strategy game 1MB   board & card  
  Squark 1.3a - Guide marbles through a maze to capture square grids 1MB   arcade  
  Crate Man 1.1b - A logic strategy puzzle solving game 2MB   arcade  
  Byte Me! 1.0.2 - Internet-playable board game 4MB   board & card  
  Flaps 1.2a - A fast paced arcade marble game 1MB   board & card  
  Axium Adventures v1.0a - A pure strategy, logic and problem solving game 1MB   board & card  
  Mazeball 1.5 - Find your way through 50 wood mazes 6MB   board & card  
  Ant Run Pro 1.0 - Keep the ant running through the ant tunnels 2MB   arcade  
  iConcentration 1.1 - A simple game to test your memory 1MB   board & card  
  Blazer 1.2 - Classic top-scrolling action arcade game 8MB   arcade  
  "Europe!" 2K+ - Have fun and learn at the same time 420K   edutainment  
  Bolo 0.99.7a - The original Internet tank battle/strategy game 816K   strategy & war  
  Alan's Solitare 1.0.6 - A simple solitare card game 207K   board & card  
  Grump 1.0.3 - Klondike-type card game played against computer players 2MB   board & card  
  SpaceDeuzba 2.11 - Space Invaders like game 8MB   arcade  
  Evil Screensaver - Dr. Evil has his own screensaver as well, baby 622K   miscellaneous  
  Groovy Austin Screensaver - Austin Powers' groovy screensaver, baby 547K   miscellaneous  
  Quarters 1.04 - Sort coins into three different piles 234K   board & card  
  Siege of Darkwood 2.0 - Fantasy roleplaying game set in a medieval era 541K   adventure & rpg  
  Mombasa 1.5 - Matching tiles of flags from different countries 183K   edutainment  
  Dots 1.0 - A game with a grid of dots placed on the board 95K   board & card  
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