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  Barbie Seahorse Adventures 1.0 - A game where Barbie the Seahorse floats on bubbles to the moon. 8.6MB   arcade  
  AquaPark 1.0.1 - Fill the AquaPark with colorful and exotic fish 13.8MB   arcade  
  Android 1.6 - Android is a very cute and addictive lode-runner game! 8.8MB   arcade  
  GooBall 1.0.2 - Roll, jump, and slime your GooBall through dozens of fanciful worlds 88MB   arcade  
  l1neum 2.1 - Qix-type arcade game 7.1MB   arcade  
  TaMiGoN 1.1.8 - TaMiGoN is a new and unique logic puzzle game. 1040K   arcade  
  Tri 2: Tri Again 2.0 - Tri-geared contraption game. 8.2MB   arcade  
  Microbian: Fighter 1.0 - Epic adventure on a microbial scale. 19.3MB   arcade  
  JavaTerrace 3.1.2 - An arcade game called Terrace that is written in Java 137K   arcade  
  ishizume 1.6 - addictive klax variant 8.5MB   arcade  
  The 99 Effect 1.6 - Force Dr. Fill to go over 99. 7.6MB   arcade  
  Chainz 2: Relinked - 200 levels of link-matching madness returns! 9.4MB   arcade  
  Krank .07 - A deceptively simple game 25.8MB   arcade  
  And Yet It Moves 1.4 - Escape the paper maze. 19.8MB   arcade  
  Totem Treasure 2 2.91 - Slot machine game for Macintosh 22MB   arcade  
  Cross Eyes 1.2 - Colored dot puzzle. 2.3MB   arcade  
  Arctic Quest 1.0 - An absorbing inlay puzzle game. 13.5MB   arcade  
  JSokoban 1.1a6 - Port of the classic Macintosh puzzle game. 255K   arcade  
  MacBomber 0.5.1 - 3D Bomberman Clone 18MB   arcade  
  Lumox 2 1.1 - Puzzler inspired by Lumines. 16MB   arcade  
  Sosume 1.1 - Falling blocks game 659K   arcade  
  Christmas Avalanche X 1.2 - Destroy an approaching avalanche. 812K   arcade  
  Pile & Pop 1.0 - Lift and drop bricks to arrange them into groups. 5.8MB   arcade  
  Tilt Mania! 1.0 - Sudden Motion Sensor-controlled arcade game. 261K   arcade  
  Phantasia II 1.0 - Sequel to the popular arcade game 19.95MB   arcade  
  Crystal Catastrophe 1.1f - Crystal Catastrophe combines the fun of looking at shiny things with the fun of smashing them. 5MB   arcade  
  Descender 1.6 - Japanese puzzle adventure game 8.3MB   arcade  
  Snowy: The Bear's Adventure 1.0 - Help Snowy toss snowballs across 88 levels of run and jump fun! 9.8MB   arcade  
  Java Fish Hunter 0.6 - A small game where you shoot fish with a ray gun. 2.5MB   arcade  
  ULTRANIUM 4 1.5 - Ultranium4 is a crazy mix between a breakout game and a space old school arcade shot'em up 6MB   arcade  
  Dylo's Adventure 1.2.1 - Platformer game suitable for players of any age 7.1MB   arcade  
  FizzBall 1.0.2 - Bounce the FizzBall, make it grow, rescue animals, and solve a mystery! 15.6MB   arcade  
  Jungle Heart 1.7.2 - Fairy-tale adventure and funny action game. 9.8MB   arcade  
  Mac ASCII Invaders 1.0 - Text-based clone of Space Invaders. 172K   arcade  
  Amazed 1.3 - Maze game 4MB   arcade  
  N-Ball 2.2 - Physics based 2D platform game 4.3MB   arcade  
  Popatronic 1.43 - Fast paced, arcade puzzler packed with a variety of explosive challenges, power ups and cool tunes. 14MB   arcade  
  Hangman Bible 1.0.4 - A religious-themed take on the classic hangman 987K   arcade  
  Firefall 2.1 - Classic arcade game re-released as shareware 2.7MB   arcade  
  Tom's Hen House 1.0 - Help Tom gain mastery of the Chicken Egg competition. 23.7MB   arcade  
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