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  Romulan Hunt 1.5 - Star Trek type game, find the enemy ship and destroy it. 3.7MB   action  
  Text Slots 1.0 - Slot machine uses text instead of graphics. 139K   action  
  ChouXiang 1.21 - Abstract shooting game. 11.4MB   action  
  Star Conquest 1.1.1 - Star Conquest is a turn-based strategic wargame 140.2MB   action  
  PrBoom 2.4.4 - Port of the game Doom. 2.7MB   action  
  Plantasia 1.0 - Plant seeds, harvest flowers, and watch as your gardens bloom. 12.45MB   action  
  mario`sudoku a.0.0.4 - Sudoku game. 1.8MB   action  
  Quake III Cell Shading 1.0 - Gives Q3 a cartoon-like cell shaded look. 1.2MB   action  
  Castle-Combat 0.8.1 - Clone of the old arcade game Rampart. 5.6MB   action  
  fuhQuake 0.31.6 - Port of the Win32 / Linux Quakeworld client. 4.6MB   action  
  Paradroidz 0.98 - Paradroid game written in Java. 1.2MB   action  
  MI-Trek Alpha 2 - Multiplayer space combat game 4.6MB   action  
  Beach Ball Break 1.041 - Relax and control the ocean as you knock down sand castles in the sun! 9MB   action  
  KaiJin 1.3 - Vertical shoot em up game 20MB   action  
  Platypus 1.15 - Blast away at enemies made entirely of clay 16.4MB   action  
  Outnumbered 1.0 - 3D Flying Shooter 6.9MB   action  
  RoboNuts 2.0.1 - Zap the robots gone crazy. 809K   action  
  Seven Seas Deluxe 1.02 - Pirate swashbuckling action game 3MB   action  
  Zex 0.99.2b2 - Space based role playing game. 6.2MB   action  
  Lugaru 1.0.6 - 3D Martial Arts Game - Lead the Rabbit Revolution 25.6MB   action  
  SuperDaleks 1.92 - OS X version of the classic robts game 133K   action  
  Leemo! 1.07 - Number Matching Mayhem! 5.6MB   action  
  Machi Paco 1.01 - 120 levels of brick-smashing action in this eye-catching, family-friendly game! 11MB   action  
  Zomb 1.0b2 - small rpg-like strategy game 12.9MB   action  
  Jingleballs SubZero: The Snowball Fight 1.2 - bombard everyone in sight with a hail of snowballs 18MB   action  
  Catch the Macs 1.0 - Shoot down PC computers to save Macs 1.1MB   action  
  Radical Rebound 5.1 - Radical Rebound is a revolutionary shoot' em up like game 6.4MB   action  
  Pogo Sticker 1.0.3 - Pogo through the levels of this game. 1.1MB   action  
  Blobbit Dash 1.0 - Cute colourful action game 1.3MB   action  
  Borders 1.0 - Find the hidden line 2.5MB   action  
  Cube 2005-08-29 - open source multiplayer and singleplayer first person shooter game 32.2MB   action  
  Shufflepuck REVOLUTION 1.0 - two player 3D action game 11.6MB   action  
  Light Rangers: Mending The Maniac Madnes 1.0 - Arcade style fun for the whole family. 58MB   action  
  Ultra Blaster 1.0 - Top view shooting game. 556K   action  
  Space Joyriding 1.0.2 - Asteroid space arcade game. 523K   action  
  AwneeX pb0.72eX - 3D first person shooter. 29.6MB   action  
  El Ballo 1.0 - The latest game from Ambrosia Software 84MB   action  
  Queen Firefly 1.0 - As a butterfly battle the attention-centric fireflies 1.2MB   action  
  D2X (Descent 2) 0.2.6b13 - Descent 2 for Mac OS X. 8.1MB   action  
  Car Game 2.2 - Avoid the cars as they drive at you. 1.5MB   action  
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