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  Quick Server 2.1 - Tool for running America's Army: Operations servers. 42K   utilities  
  OpenMark 1.31 - OpenGl benchmarking tool. 100K   utilities  
  CryptoWeb 1.0 - Tool for generating Cryptograms 4K   utilities  
  AvP SaveGame Cheat 1.0 - Get infinite saves in Alien vs Predator 882K   utilities  
  iff Taxi 1.7 - Enables use of third-party objects with The Sims. 1MB   utilities  
  Unreal Tournament 2004demo CTF Benchmark 3.1 - Benchmarking tool for UT2004 Demo. 103K   unreal tournament  
  Infinity Resource Editor 2.1.2 - A tool to customize aspect of Infinity Engine based games. 3MB   utilities  
  LiftOff 2.0 2.0.3 - Lets you launch applications with the Finder quit 556K   utilities  
  QT AGI Studio 1.2 - QT AGI Studio helps you create games like King's Quest, etc 6MB   utilities  
  Tomb Raider LevelManager 1.0 - Manage levels created with the Tomb Raider Level Editor 2MB   utilities  
  PuzzleGetter 0.8 - Downloads various crosswords 90K   utilities  
  DiceCalc 1.0 - Calculator-based dice roller 83K   utilities  
  Only Mortal 2.0b5 - Online gaming server browser for Quake 3 and Wolfenstein (OS X) 1MB   utilities  
  DiceRoller 2.0 - A dice rolling program. 48K   utilities  
  Universal Hint System 5.0 - Premiere Universal Hint System reader for the Mac 890K   utilities  
  Cantrip 0.8a8 - MUD client 1MB   utilities  
  The Green Machine 1.0.2 - 2D action game development kit 11MB   utilities  
  IMG Chat 1.01 - Chat with fellow Mac gamers 771K   utilities  
  Cocoa Sprite Kit 1.0 Beta 2 - A framework designed to make powerful 2D graphics applications with ease. 450K   utilities  
  MPQDraft Mac Edition 1.0.0b5r2 - Self-executing patch creator for Blizzard games 3MB   utilities  
  SF.ini for Mac OS X 1.0 - A StrikeForce.ini for Mac OS X 16K   utilities  
  NeXTGo 4.0b - GUI internet go server client (OS X) 2MB   utilities  
  Comic Creator 1.1 - Lets you add and remove pictures to a template 693K   utilities  
  HyperStudio 4 Preview 4 - A slide-show maker with cards 10MB   utilities  
  Clan Lord Tune Helper 1.1 - Compose music for Clan Lord 220K   utilities  
  Unreal Tournament UTilities 2.6.1 - Collection of tools for Unreal Tournament 752K   unreal tournament  
  PATHy 2.1 - Interactive flight planner for X-Plane 5MB   utilities  
  Avara Level Manager 1.0 - Manage Avara level sets with drag-and-drop ease 3MB   utilities  
  Roger Wilco 1.0b4 - Real-time voice application for multiplayer gaming 1MB   utilities  
  CodaBot 1.3 - Saves X-Plane data for later use (X-Plane) 790K   utilities  
  Diablo II Realms Selector 1.0 - Allow players to choose which specific realms 75K   utilities  
  Myth II DNS Fix - Allows you to log in to the relocated server 3K   utilities  
  Glide Hack 1.3 - Adds functions for use with a 3Dfx card 50K   utilities  
  Hektor II 1.1 - Official audio guide for X-Plane 532K   utilities  
  Bink Player for Mac OS 1.0n - Player allows you to view Bink video format files 170K   utilities  
  PennMUSH 1.1.2 - A type of mud used for social and role-playing activities 1MB   utilities  
  Nite Lite Professional - Same as Nite Lite, but lets designers use Nite Lite into their own scenery (Fly!) 2MB   utilities  
  Game Launcher 1.1.3 - Frees up RAM before loading any game 60K   utilities  
  G.U.T.S. 0.9.2b3 - Set of tools for the referee of wargames, miniatures, battles games 2MB   utilities  
  HPI Pack 1.0 - Map conversion utility for Total Annihilation 55K   utilities  
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