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  Otis 1.0.2 - Strategy/puzzle game based on the classic game Same Game. 811K   action  
  Asteroid Rally 1.1.2 - uDevGame 2003: race through 3D asteroid field. 2MB   action  
  PicTiles 1.1.3 - A new take on the Tetris genre 10.3MB   action  
  Fruzzle 2.0 - slide puzzle game 594K   action  
  LZ-100 1.0 - land escape pods to save the passengers of a starliner 5.7MB   action  
  Pocket Tanks 1.3 - One-on-one artillery tank game 5.3MB   action  
  Nanosaur 2 - Universal Binary 2.0.6 - Nanosaur 2 runs on Intel and PowerPC machines 112MB   action  
  Mickey's Ice Cream 2.0.2 - A simulation of a point-of-sale cash register at an ice cream parlor 4.3MB   action  
  Reckless Drivin' 1.5.4 - Action game, in the Spy Hunter tradition 5.6MB   action  
  Feeding Frenzy 1.0.1 - Action packed deep-sea challenge 11.9MB   action  
  Mosquito Ops 1.0 - Become a tiny, mean and thirsty mosquito for a day. 9.2MB   action  
  Reactive - Multiplayer 2D shooter with network play 21.4MB   action  
  Never A Cross Word 1.0 - Simple crossword puzzle helper. 118K   action  
  SuperTuxKart 0.3 - SuperTuxKart is a kart racing game. 20MB   action  
  UTMapInstaller 1.0 - Easy way to install Unreal Tournament 2004 maps and more. 252K   action  
  Grizzly Adventure 1.5.2 - An evil sorcerer has taken control of Grizzly's forest and driven the creatures completely mad. 8MB   action  
  Doomsday 1.9 beta-5 - Enhanced Doom source port for Mac OS X 19.16MB   action  
  Ragdoll Masters 3.1 - A succesful experiment in the world of beat'em'ups. 5.4MB   action  
  World of Padman 1.1 - Multiplayer Fun Action Shooter at Q3 Engine base. 549MB   action  
  Metal Angel 1.1 - Metal Angel is an addictive oldschool space Shootem’up game in 2D. 8MB   action  
  HangThis - Simple Hangman word game. 300K   action  
  Beyond the Red Line 1.0 - Join the ranks of the elite Viper pilots of Battlestar Pegasus. 352MB   action  
  Cathy's Caribbean Club 1.0.2 - Enjoy the Caribbean while turning your biz into a huge success. 19MB   action  
  Scruffy Gems 1.61 - Puzzle game in which you must save Scruffy the Dog 4MB   action  
  Shufflepuck REVOLUTION 2.5 - Simple 3D shufflepuck game 10.9MB   action  
  Swarm Racer 2.11 - Take control of a whole swarm of bees and fly around the track. 1.4MB   action  
  WolfLink 1.0 - Access your favorite Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory servers. 53K   action  
  xRacing Xpb0.9g - 3D kart racing game. 20.8MB   action  
  Solly 2.0 - Solitaire and arithmetic game. 14.7MB   action  
  TuxPuck 0.8.2 - OS X port of a Linux game, air hockey simulator. 3.6MB   action  
  ProQuake 3.5 b002 - Mac OS X version of JPG's ProQuake client. 1.5MB   action  
  Squid Little 1.0.2 - Help guide Squid Little through a dangerous aquarium 6.2MB   action  
  Radiant Weirdness Zone 1.0.4 - scrolling shooter featuring a flying armadillo 21MB   action  
  Androkids 1.2 - Help save the beautiful Princess Goodgrade 4MB   action  
  puls7 1.51 - shoot'em with fantastic special style like xenon, gunroar, rez or ikagura 7800K   action  
  Time Fighter 1.1 - You are a pilot! A timefighter that fights aliens through time! Aliens on land, in Sea and in the Ai 3.86MB   action  
  RIP 1.1.1 - Go to war in this great action experience! 13MB   action  
  Quest for power - collect the elemental crystals to save the world 41MB   action  
  blown eye 0.9b - Side scroller, classic Mac game. 2.2MB   action  
  Swarm Racer 2.0 - Take control of a whole swarm of bees and fly around the track. 1.3MB   action  
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