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Publisher Delta Tao
Type Update
License $14.95
Version 768
Date Added 8/22/2012
Size 56.7 MB
Downloads This Version 3,468
Downloads of All Time 31,754
Clan Lord 768
A world of high fantasy role-playing on the Internet

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Mac Games Rating Mantis Ant (12/3/2000 - version v157)
Clan Lord is an expensive, lame, MUD ripoff. I wasted half a day to DL it and what do I find? If I even step out the door I'm killed. Plus, all the players do is sit around and talk about Diablo! If you want a good online RPG, stick to MUDs... or do what I'm doing: Waiting for Lance ( I, for one, don't need good graphics... I just need a good role-playing expierience. Something which Clan Lord does not give.
Mac Games Rating Ian Thompson (12/1/2000 - version v157)
I too played this game when it was free.... and at that time i thought it was OK, but when they decided to make people start paying?? I was outta there quick. the game is "fun"...kinda. but the graphics suck! and I like fast paced games. so if your not 80 years old and like long days sitting on a log with all the other clan lord users and do crosswords while watching your enemies dance infront of you like care bears than this game is just what your lookling for, but if you like blood and POLYGONS and FUN than... well what can I say the approprait place for this game would be the trash :)
Mac Games Rating ed (11/23/2000 - version v155)
Mac Games Rating Dev (10/20/2000 - version v151)
Mac Games Rating Raptor007 (9/17/2000)
I played this back in the free days, and it was pretty fun. But now it's $10/month, which is as expensive as GemStone III (a text RPG - but not nearly as much fun, in my opinion.
Mac Games Rating sim_snowboarder (9/11/2000)
Wasn't very good. Well I prefer good graphics!!!! So it just wasn't for me.
Mac Games Rating Ikit Homonculous (9/11/2000)
Clan Lord is not shoot-em-up exciting, or glitzy rendered oooohs and aaaahs. It is a long-term game for people who enjoy building a fanatasy community. Even the legal system is based upon the rulings of players who volunteer to serve in juries!It takes a little while to get the hang of it and meet people, but anytime you are exiled to a new neighborhood it takes a few months to learn the ropes. Very fun, great people, group quests, rescues, mysteries, monsters, and treasures. Well worth your time. Unless you just want to shoot stuff.
Mac Games Rating Fool (8/4/2000)
I "tested" CL while it was free and it definitely is addictive and fun... that was part of why I didn't continue: if I was paying, I'd probably feel obligated to spend even MORE time online. The main reason I dropped it though, is that although it is updated often, important features never seem to show up. Where are the items? There's hardly anything worth spending money on. I could go on and on... Check the newsgroup and you'll see the same complaints ad nauseum. I wish Delta Tao the best, and I hope to see this game improve to the point where I'll want to get back into it.
Mac Games Rating Shrug (7/14/2000)
Clan Lord is _not_ for the typical gamer. It isn't bang bang eye candy that you'll dump from your hard drive in a week when you win the game. It's an involved online social experiment more than anything. Very fun, _very_ addictive. It is _not_ very expensive especially when paying a year at a time (like $6.67/month or something). Anyway... this game caters to the patient that want to get involved in a game they can play for years to come. Cros is right this ain't Everquest/UO (thank GOD!!). ;)
Mac Games Rating Cros christophe (7/11/2000)
Very expansive;10 $ /months! It's the same price than everquest on PC, and clanlord look just like a shareware.... what a shame. If only this game could have been free or less expensive(like 2$/month)...

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