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Publisher Aspyr Media
Type Update
License Free
Version 1.74
Date Added 10/8/2007
Size 73.13 MB
Downloads This Version 182,612
Downloads of All Time 250,157
Civilization IV 1.74
Patch for Aspyr's Civilization IV

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Mac Games Rating CalgaryMac (4/1/2008 - version 1.74)
I followed the suggestion of Raymond below and it was successfully installed. Thanks Raymond!
Mac Games Rating lazarillo (3/25/2008 - version 1.74)
OK, follow-up to my issue where I couldn't install the patch. First of all, I had help from a WONDERFUL tech support person at Aspyr (didn't get a name, but I used ). I wish all software support folks were so nice. (But be patient, it took several days for my ticket to be issued.) Next, the solution for my OS 10.3.9 was as follows: Go to your Hard Drive/ Library/ Receipts folder and look for a Civ4patch file. Drag this file to the trash and then empty the trash. Now try the installer again. This successfully solved the problem. I installed patch 1.74 without a problem, and in every respect Civ IV runs better now (faster, the audio never gets improperly cut, I can play with Windows friends, etc.) Yey!
Mac Games Rating Danielbrian (3/17/2008 - version 1.74)
First, installing the patch is a pain. The download option from the game menu doesn't install it. But a note pops-up on the screen showing it is downloading. You actually have to go to this webpage to install. Then it takes forever to install on a fast connection. Once installed, it causes the game to run super slow on my macbook pro 2.4 dual core. It also crashes the game over and over! :(
Mac Games Rating lazarillo (3/16/2008 - version 1.74)
I have OS 10.3.9, and this is really a bear to install. First, the problems with the official version from Aspyr being incorrect. But then I found this version (proper dmg file). When I install from it, I get a comment that I am not allowed to install in either drive (I have 2 hard drives). Then I try to install WITH the Civ IV DVD in the optical drive, and I AM allowed to install (the directions say not to do this). But nothing happened. So then I took the suggestion of Raymond and it somehow magically worked (but not the first time). I am not sure what eventually solved it. Worse still... I had to re-install Civ IV -- I accidentally overwrote main files when installing a mod... :( Now, as an "expert" in going through these hassles, I still cannot reproduce the proper install, even trying all the "tricks" above.
Mac Games Rating Trent (2/27/2008 - version 1.74)
Runs like a dream on a Mac Pro 2.8GHz. Scrolling and zooming is fast and smooth.
Mac Games Rating Raymond (1/4/2008 - version 1.74)
In order to install the 1.74 patch on a machine running Leopard (at least, this is what worked for me): Move the Installer executable into the Civilization 4 directory in your Applications folder Run the Installer. It should find the patchable file(s) and run without an error. Sadly, Aspyr didn't come up with this one - this was just trial and error on my part... Aspyr never even assigned my tech ticket. Bad support...
Mac Games Rating peter the v (12/14/2007 - version 1.74)
See my post of 12/3/07. I worked the bugs out. Seems it was a quicktime issue, and not the game. When I downloaded the latest update for Tiger things resolved. Kinda weird that the Mac OS didnt automatically have an update notice, but once done it works well. I have an external 30" monitor and have been gaping at the graphics, as I have never actually seen it in high rez and now in theater size as well! The game allows you to choose the monitor it displays on and it is a tad tricky to position the two monitors next to each other in the sys prefs for a perfect display,but once done its close to nirvana. I loaded a previous game in progress (1615 AD) and some screen brief garbage occurs when mousing over, and I have yet to explore it fully, but I truly like what I see. Next week I will load Leopard (OSX 10.5) and will let you know how things work. p.s. If you can afford a 30" monitor, please get yourself one. It is amazing to have the game and all other work one does on it. Take your laptop to the Apple store and ask to hook it up for a demo. Even if you arent going to buy it will at least be visually educational as well as splendid.
Mac Games Rating peter the v (12/3/2007 - version 1.74)
I migrated from an iMac G5 to an ApplePro 15" with OSX 10.4.10 with intel dual core. Well within specs for running the game. (worked OK on G5 but was choppy when world map started getting half full, and was pretty nasty when full map was revealed, but I dogged on cause I liked the game a lot, so I anticipated with flushed cheeks using the new laptop). After installing 1.74 according to the copy to desktop info, restarting laptop, launched and relaunched 3X and it always crashed after getting the game arrow in black screen for the game/aspyr does their intro. So far its a disappointing start but I will pursue this with tech support. Maybe the duo core?
Mac Games Rating PC CIVFan (11/28/2007 - version 1.74)
Have the same problem as el-nojjo and battman. Frustrating. When will the new patch come in for Leopard???
Mac Games Rating Robin (11/25/2007 - version 1.74)
Installed it hoping to play online unfortunatly it erased a file or something and i have to reinstall game then patch, then the patch screws it up again so i gave up on the patch any ideas?

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