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Publisher Aspyr Media
Type Update
License Update
Version 1.1 Rev A
Date Added 4/26/2007
Size 12.78 MB
Downloads 144,332
SimCity 4 Rush Hour Universal Binary 1.1 Rev A
Patches Aspyr's SimCity 4 Rush Hour

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Mac Games Rating Patrick (5/24/2007 - version 1.1 Rev A)
I downloaded this patch yesterday with NO luck at all in terms of performance improvements. All settings were set to low and the resolution at its lowest as well but STILL ran like a dog. There is no reason that my hardware should not run this game as slowly as it does. The sticking points are building of infrastructure (especially underground stuff), zoning, and going through all the mayor options (e.g. advisors). Unacceptable performance. Try it again. This thing should run like butter on my set-up. Thanks, Patrick Szczypinski 15.1" MacBook Pro 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo 2GB Ram Radeon x1900 OS 10.4.9
Mac Games Rating Paul (5/11/2007 - version 1.1 Rev A)
Compared to the PPC application, there are absolutely no noticeable performance improvements, as the game still runs terribly on all platforms used. At the lowest resolution, lowest settings, the game still runs at a mediocre 4/5 frames per second. I'm not talking about old hardware, either; this is an 3Ghz Octocore Mac Pro with the X1900 graphics card and 2GB of RAM-- quite a capable system. It runs at the same performance on a G5 with Radeon 9600, on a quadcore Mac Pro with a GeForce 7300 and on a G5 iMac with the GeForce 5200 (all at 10.4.9). Is anyone getting *decent* performance? If so, what hardware are you using?
Mac Games Rating James (5/8/2007 - version 1.1 Rev A)
Overall, excellent performance on Macbook Pro... apart from a kernel panic when I tried to place something on the edge of the map.
Mac Games Rating Dan (5/2/2007 - version 1.1 Rev A)
This download caused more problems then it fixed. After I downloaded it I had alot of sound problems and the game ran slower! I had to reinstall the game to get it back to normal. Please try again guys, but do more testing before the next release.
Mac Games Rating Ozbrit (4/30/2007 - version 1.1 Rev A)
Love the game - but the UB update makes very little difference as far as I can tell. I'm running a 2.66 GHz MacPro with 2GB of memory and an ATI Radeon X1900 - and it's still struggling. Try again, please!!
Mac Games Rating James (4/30/2007 - version 1.1 Rev A)
Performance with ATi cards is still *extremely* dodgy.
Mac Games Rating rob (4/27/2007 - version 1.1 Rev A)
I enjoyed playing this game at a friends house, now with the UB I can actually buy the game myself!
Mac Games Rating toni (1/22/2005 - version 1)

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SimCity 4 Rush Hour Patch
SimCity 4 Rush Hour Universal Binary

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