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Publisher Aspyr Media
Type Update
License Update
Version 1.1 Rev A
Date Added 4/26/2007
Size 12.78 MB
Downloads 144,504
SimCity 4 Rush Hour Universal Binary 1.1 Rev A
Patches Aspyr's SimCity 4 Rush Hour

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Mac Games Rating Alex (11/22/2007 - version 1.1 Rev A)
I was using the PowerPC version of the game on my MacBook (I transfered the file over from my iBook) and it was slow. After installing the patch, the game sped up somewhat, but not as much as I expected. There are many sounds problems now. I will continue to do a bit of experimenting with Rosetta and/or the patch. All the downloads from STEX (simtropolis) work, including the light rail mod and NAM.
Mac Games Rating ChinaMan (11/15/2007 - version 1.1 Rev A)
The game is most slowly with the patch T_T unplayable :/
Mac Games Rating Mcfly (10/4/2007 - version 1.1 Rev A)
What a complete waste of time. im going back to PC. =(
Mac Games Rating wolfo (8/21/2007 - version 1.1 Rev A)
not to mention the powerpc version needs a patch for 3 years now. glad to see they're doing SOMETHING at least, though.
Mac Games Rating Lion (7/26/2007 - version 1.1 Rev A)
It runs MUCH MUCH smoother for me than it used to do in Rosetta. However, it's pretty unstable, with random crashes (actualy freezes), sluggish sound, etc. The performances can still be improved too. However, it's really an improvement from the PPC version on my Macbook Intel Core 2 Duo @2ghz.
Mac Games Rating JJW (7/22/2007 - version 1.1 Rev A)
The game runs much more sluggishly with this beta patch. Zoning is painfully slow, even when I pause the game and just everything except loading times (which are faster) are much slower. I was running this beta patch in a small city of only 7,000 people and I felt like I was running a city with 100,000 people. I'm assuming the sluggish gameplay is due to the conflicts this beta patch has with ATI graphics cards. My computer specifications are: Intel-iMac 2GHz, 1GB of RAM, ATI Radeon X1600 w/ 128MB of VRAM.
Mac Games Rating (6/24/2007 - version 1.1 Rev A)
I'm a Sim Veteran who was purchased almost every version of simcity ever released. I own a iMac intel core2 duo and a black macbook with the same processor and have this game installed and working on both. I Just downloaded this patch and installed it and my macbook and IT RUNS GREAT. Before I had almost all of the setting on low. I Now can see people walking and cars in all but the widest zoom setting. The only problem that i have really noticed is that when i use the question mark with the arrow the see traffic flow - none of the colors match the legend. But it's not hard to just follow the flow from houses, bus stop, pass train etc....
Mac Games Rating LeentheTycoon (6/22/2007 - version 1.1 Rev A)
I appreciate the effort to try and address the performance problems in the game. Simcity is a great game and a rather timeless one so I hope more care can be had for it in the future alas warcraft etc. Please keep trying, Thanks
Mac Games Rating Jerm (6/20/2007 - version 1.1 Rev A)
Good start. Faster, but causes a few problems. Helicopters run into invisible buildings, sound is wonky, etc. MacPro Tower 2x2.66 2GB RAM w ATIX1900 XT and 30" monitor
Mac Games Rating Roman (5/26/2007 - version 1.1 Rev A)
I can't play the game anymore!!! This game crashes all the time on my macbook pro 2.33ghz with 2gb ram. The universal update does nothing new and I continue to get kernal panics and crashes whenever i click on a button, or try and change the settings. The reqs on the box are so little in comparison with what my computer can do that there shouldn't be problems like this. Its poor game making. Even when the game worked, there would be problems with clouds and water. If you can find a way to get the game to work share it please.

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