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Publisher Gerrit Goossen
Type Tool
License Shareware $16
Version 0.9.5b1
Date Added 4/5/2010
Size 936 K
Downloads This Version 2,133
Downloads of All Time 21,227
SixtyForce 0.9.5b1
A Nintendo 64 emulator for the Macintosh.

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Mac Games Rating Durandle (11/28/2003 - version 0.7.5b2)
A very nice emu - works pretty fast with many games, and is getting better every other week. And just so people know, it will NEVER run well on a slow machine. Emulation takes a lot of CPU to work, so a 400mhz G3/G4 simply won't cut it in the end. Emulation is very complex programming, so those that complain about the lack of suppoprt for 'Game X' or 'Game Y' is slow are being very stupid, they it works now is amazing in its self. Good going for Gerrit.
Mac Games Rating Strider! (11/23/2003 - version 0.7.5b2)
This app needs a lot more work done to it and a heck of a lot more and better support for the 64bit Mac's! This current release (v0.7.5b2 atm) is however the best yet, i can now play a whole wack of games i couldn't before and even classics like Goldeneye and Perfect Dark are now playable moreso than they ever where! Since the last release, i am now using a dual G5 with 1.5gig ram and ATI 9800 - Sixtyforce still struggles along many times :-? Why is this when i'm getting over twice the performance raw power here! Maybe dual support is need also..? :-] Overall, this app is getting much better, i'm very impressed but there is lots to do and it should perform much better on the G5 than it does now..
Mac Games Rating JTn64gba! (10/13/2003 - version 0.7.0)
What are you guys thinking? It took a lot of work to get this to work. IT HAS NOT EVEN REACHED 1.0 YET!!! Don't be so harsh. It runs most of my roms to a great degree.
Mac Games Rating SteveG (10/5/2003 - version 0.7.0)
Sorry guys, but almost all of my roms won't work or play slow.. they mainly play slow if i'm honest. Mupen0.3 plays them *much* better and faster too - like Perfect Dark and Destruction Derby! Of course, Sixtyforce isn't naff, it just ain't as good as Mupen.. Overall, shows potential but needs a lot of work and code optimization (i'm using an iBook and a dual G5 fwiw)
Mac Games Rating Mojo Jojo (9/19/2003 - version 0.7.0)
Almost all of my old games run now! My N64 broke years ago, and now I can play again :). BTW, isn't it illegal to give out links to rom sites?
Mac Games Rating Benny (6/2/2003 - version 0.6.0)
Well, a lot of games don't work on this.Yeah, Harvest Moon 64, but that is about all. And do you want roms? Try They have tons of awesome ones.(^.^)
Mac Games Rating pot-head (2/9/2002 - version 0.6.0)
Whats a site where i can get n64 roms?
Mac Games Rating MiniU (2/7/2002 - version 0.6.0)
A pretty good N64 emulator. And that rant about no N64 exist anymore... Are you on crack? Its not that hard to find and emulators like this are just plain cool(becouse it can emulate something as good as a N64) and not soley made to play games.
Mac Games Rating Smokey (1/9/2002 - version 0.6.0a1)
I used to have a copy. Mario 64 was slow and jumpy with sound OFF. With sound on, pretty much only every 30th frame was shown (that means it's jumpy, einstein)
Mac Games Rating Ethan Belden (5/19/2001 - version 0.6.0a1)
This seems to be a great N64 Emulator...but the porformance is cut in half.I run a 400 mhz processer.So please..if there's a way to make run fine.Teeellll me!!! I beg you please tell me how to get it running normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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