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Publisher MacSoft
Type Demo
License Demo
Version 1.5.2
Date Added 7/15/2005
Size 122 MB
Downloads 844,621
Halo Demo 1.5.2
Demo of MacSoft's Halo

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Mac Games Rating Tazay (10/15/2008 - version 1.5.2)
"Halo is really awesome but when I try to download, it says it will take 45 hours at 0.8 KB per second! And I have a freakin' Leopard!!!" Its your inter net connection not your OS. GREAT GAME! Best ever! It is really a classic FPS. One this is the attitude of many of the people on it, and all the mods make it crash a little. But really interactive and stuff, worth it, and probably could be the only thing you need no need to buy the full version with the demo XD
Mac Games Rating gabe Seelig (10/3/2008 - version 1.5.2)
Demo is great. How the hell do u get the full version!!!
Mac Games Rating BoNzO (9/8/2008 - version 1.5.2)
Zac, there is a mod, called greatwall or something. There's a gun that shoots chiefs. They don't do anything though. Target practice. Get it at
Mac Games Rating Zac (9/6/2008 - version 1.5.2)
I really like this demo. I have one question. Is there anyone out there who could make a modded map where every weapon shoots masterchiefs? I know its possible. if you want to take on a challlenge please e-mail me @
Mac Games Rating James (8/21/2008 - version 1.5.2)
I bought the full game, good stuff. To bad us mac users dont get Halo: Custom Edition like the Windows Users do(for free...).
Mac Games Rating it took me 3 minutes (8/15/2008 - version 1.5.2)
the download only took me 3 minutes. u guys must have extremely slow internet.
Mac Games Rating AMAG140696 (7/25/2008 - version 1.5.2)
Its really fun online but it crashes alot, also lots of laging
Mac Games Rating aslkdf (6/28/2008 - version 1.5.2)
this game is amazing! its the best game that i have downloaded. and it took me 8 minutes do download off of this site, but i have the new black mac, which might make a difference cause this computer is amazing too
Mac Games Rating dasagag (6/7/2008 - version 1.5.2)
I actually think it has to do with your computer settings, mainly firewall, not the host. I was able to download it from this site in about 45 mins with my firewall turned off.
Mac Games Rating Its Fast! (5/23/2008 - version 1.5.2)
Well I see you guys complaining about the download speed.. I know its really slow but its not because of your internet connection its because of the host of maggamefiles offers.. if you want to download it in less than 10 min i suggest you get it from here.. Good luck.

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