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Publisher Aspyr Media
Type Update
License Update
Version 1.1 Rev A
Date Added 4/26/2007
Size 12.78 MB
Downloads 144,496
SimCity 4 Rush Hour Universal Binary 1.1 Rev A
Patches Aspyr's SimCity 4 Rush Hour

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Mac Games Rating brycepunk (6/18/2008 - version 1.1 Rev A)
On a new intel iMac, I had to give up. The game bogged down and crashed once the city got to any real size, regardless of the settings. Sound problems made me turn off the volume. I finally erased it from the computer. I can't believe they really released a game in this state and not only do they not bother with a patch that works, but don't bother updating all the long-time fans who spent $40+ on this product of theirs.
Mac Games Rating Eric Parren (6/5/2008 - version 1.1 Rev A)
Game is slow, sounds and graphics bugs. Simply unplayable on my iMac latest generation. And no way to disable FSAA option on the ATI graphic card. And after mail exchange with Aspyr, it seems that there is no new developpement for a new patch... Only solution, everybody have to mail Aspyr till they move.
Mac Games Rating sgp (5/19/2008 - version 1.1 Rev A)
No cars, slow everything, a complete waste of time and really poor form for Aspyr not to get this right. Disappointing for a MacBook Pro.
Mac Games Rating asyd (5/11/2008 - version 1.1 Rev A)
I just bougth Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition (~65$), wanted to play with my macbookpro, but it's totally unplayable. There are lot of bug in the graphic rendering (objects disappears, etc). Thanks to aspyr to make me *really* lost 65$ since I can't play.
Mac Games Rating John Arnold (5/10/2008 - version 1.1 Rev A)
I have a Mac pro 2.66Ghz 2xDual Core with 5Gb of Ram and an ATi X1900 512Mb graphics card. Sim City 4 Rush Hour is basically unplayable, the scrolling is just horrible, slow and jumpy, and redrawing is a joke even on a small town. This is a machine that can run almost any game at full settings easily so unfortunately the port was terrible and this universal patch does nothing to improve things. I hope there's a definative patch/fix sometime but I won't hold my breath. Do Aspyr even test these things before release? hmmm...
Mac Games Rating Mario De Leo (5/4/2008 - version 1.1 Rev A)
I already bought Simcity 4 & Simcity 4 Deluxe Edition from you Aspyr. I really hope my $90 dollars worth are going in to research and development of a GOOD UNIVERSAL PATCH for this game. I love it and your patches are all but the solution to the problems. The game is still slow and crashes often, even in a new generation 2.5 Ghz Penryn Macbook Pro (2 Gb Ram, 512 Mb of VRam). ---SHAME ON YOU---
Mac Games Rating zb (3/31/2008 - version 1.1 Rev A)
Apparently this game doesn't run on the new Macbook White running on Mac OS X 10.5.2 and with an intel processor. It crashes about every 5 minutes. Would have been great if the person at the Mac Store who said that my system would run the game had a clue. The patch did not stop the game from freezing up and crashing.
Mac Games Rating sim (1/27/2008 - version 1.1 Rev A)
The game finally works! I have a imac G5 with 10.4. I can now set all of the settings to the maximum allowed & still have very responsive game play.
Mac Games Rating william (12/22/2007 - version 1.1 Rev A)
My game worked great up to the point my OS upgraded to 10.4. Its too slow to play. This is frustrating. When will Aspyr fix the problems with )S 10.4? Running PPC G5 2 GHz, nvidia geforce 6600
Mac Games Rating Unity (11/24/2007 - version 1.1 Rev A)
Try this if you have an Intel Mac. Its something simple that I came up with, seems to have solved some of the issues with scrolling and such.

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