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Publisher US Army
Type Demo
License Freeware
Version 2.5
Date Added 10/28/2005
Size 797 MB
Downloads 707,572
America's Army 2.5
Become a member of the world's premier land force

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Mac Games Rating MR.Rogers. (8/28/2007 - version 2.5)
go to to find fixes for 2.5 .. there is still a large community that plays this version!!!!!!!!!
Mac Games Rating BlazingBushjr (8/13/2007 - version 2.5)
Great game but has no support for mac any longer. As a result many macs can no longer log in to servers to play online. This is a PunkBuster Error, which constantly cycles one through updates but never finishes.
Mac Games Rating Tom (8/3/2007 - version 2.5)
Kinda cool game...very slow though, takes forever to load a mission and then when your trying to move fast to shoot targets it cant keep up! i liked ghost recon and navy seals better.
Mac Games Rating T (6/20/2007 - version 2.5)
cool game but runs horribly on my mac even though i well exceed the requirements willl some one please try and fix this
Mac Games Rating RobLeather (4/9/2007 - version 2.5)
I have a MacBookPro with 2GB RAM and 2Ghz CoreDuo and this runs INCREDIBLY slow on my machine. But when I run the Windows version on the same hardware... it runs absolutely fine. What the heck!
Mac Games Rating MR.Rogers. (4/6/2007 - version 2.5)
this is an older mac version of the game... for support visit we can help ya out.. this is not a universal binary and there is none on the horizon... i am currently running and eMac 1Ghz and about half the maps are playable.. but you need a G5 to run then all... an intel with a windows side is the best option for mac users.
Mac Games Rating veneno (11/13/2006 - version 2.5)
Mac Games Rating James (11/2/2006 - version 2.5)
ran like crap on my emac and runs like crap on my new intel imac. looks good but what use is that if i cant even play it?
Mac Games Rating ryan anthony (11/1/2006 - version 2.5)
it looks like a good game
Mac Games Rating Mindless_Soul (10/26/2006 - version 2.5)
Runs like Call of Duty 2, looks like the first Ghost Recon :/ I would say the requirements are correct (~Radeon 8500-GeForce 4), but the game simply runs like crap even on way more sophisticated hardware. Call of duty 1 plays about 3 times as fast on my mac, and looks the same; Maybe better. I have a feeling this would run sowly on a Quad G5, 7800 GT (I would say a Mac Pro 1900 XT, but this game isn't Universal Binary) Nice concept though... It's a pretty fun game, too bad it's so slow.

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America's Army
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