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Publisher Z Sculpt
Type Demo
License $29
Version 1.3.1
Date Added 4/7/2009
Size 61.2 MB
Downloads This Version 2,774
Downloads of All Time 36,918
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Sequel To the Classic Adventure Game

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Mac Games Rating Matt (7/2/2001 - version Beta 4)
It's no wonder it was made in 1985.I don't see why 2D graphics is suddenly a good thing. I wonder what they were smoking when they made this game?
Mac Games Rating Theory (6/17/2001 - version Beta 4)
I can't believe that such a theory is true however, sources from M.I.T in USA confirm that indeed an inverse kinematics engine was at play. Also motion capture techniques used are 10 years ahead of current techniques. Dark Castle is a genre setter and surpasses any game on the market currently.
Mac Games Rating What? (6/16/2001 - version Beta 4)
Scientists theorize that a revolutionary 3d engine was developed. It is also hypothesized that a sublime inverse kinematics engine was designed to accomodate the sparks effects that one sees in the first level. This game could and will give Halo a run for it's money.
Mac Games Rating lwping (6/16/2001 - version Beta 4)
Mac Games Rating Pbeentje (6/4/2001 - version Beta 4)
I think it was the licensing for the game or something... and no-one bothered to reprogram it. In full, it's a great game when you can play the entire thing, more continuity etc. btw, you can get Scarab of Ra for newer macs, but sadly not yet a sequel... what would it contain?
Mac Games Rating Question... (5/27/2001 - version Beta 4)
Matt, if this game was made in 1985? Why is it getting so much hype 16 years later? PLEASE TELL ME WHY? don't i have some right to be frustrated? I mean...what am I suppossed to do when I play this game? Dance? I...I...words can't describe what I am feeling for this game.
Mac Games Rating matt (5/13/2001 - version Beta 2)
ok, for all you people out there, this is based on a game that was made in 1985, give it some respect
Mac Games Rating Chiky (5/13/2001 - version Beta 2)
That great Beyond Dark Castle game in color, the cool sounds..
Mac Games Rating MacintoshSE (5/7/2001 - version Beta 2)
ummm...Like we Mac users (especially gamers) have to have a good sense of humor. When you look at the barrage of idiot-ware that gets published for Mac, it obvious that they think we're stupid. So I give this latest installment of jack-off-in-the-box 5 middle fingers up. Thats right 5 cause they deserve it for actually taking so long to "develop" a sequel with such ancient graphics.
Mac Games Rating jst (5/5/2001 - version Beta 2)
I am very excited for the full game to be released. The levels in this demo are great, and the gameplay is just as great as the older games.

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