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Publisher French Touch
Type Demo
License Demo
Version 1.0.1
Date Added 12/23/2000
Size 24 MB
Downloads 34,572
WaterRace Demo 1.0.1
Offshore racing game with unique characters, levels and ships

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Mac Games Rating Arthur (12/11/2000 - version 1.0)
Now that I took some time to play with it, I enjoy it more and more! Works fine! Great game!
Mac Games Rating Yorb (12/10/2000 - version 1.0)
Um well I have no problems with it except that it won't load. It says I need QuickDraw™ 3D Rave...which I have. I've checked, I've uninstalled QT, reinstalled it, over and over. WTF?
Mac Games Rating Gali Gali (12/10/2000 - version 1.0)
This is a good game ... You juste have to know how to change the settings and the game will just run great !!!
Mac Games Rating Threborn (12/10/2000 - version 1.0)
Please ignore the comments made by people who played the game for a few minutes before trashing it. I thought Myth sucked when I first played it, because I didn't understand how it worked. Then I tried it for an hour, and that made me a Myth addict for two years. So give this game a chance; you'll reap the benefits. I give a 5/5 rating because I consider this is a game you play when you want to relax for an hour. It's not enthralling by any means, but it provides really enjoyable short races. And I don't need UT-class graphics when I just want to have fun for a few minutes.
Mac Games Rating Gino (12/10/2000 - version 1.0)
I don't agree at all with people saying physics are bad... I guess all of them just played the demo for 1 minute and stopped. The boat physics are so different from car physics! I really tried to get hold of the boat and then it was great. Please guys, there's a learning curve to anything new even in real're just passing next to something new that becomes really fun when you give it some time. I'd like to get more levels now.
Mac Games Rating David (12/9/2000 - version 1.0)
Mike, nobody's forgetting that, unfortunately the boats in this don't act like ships OR cars. No waves, collision stuff, the sound is really messed up on my computer for some reason... or maybe the sound effects are just terrible.
Mac Games Rating Mike (12/8/2000 - version 1.0)
Sorry guys, but you seem to forget that it's a SHIP racing game, not a CAR racing game: don't expect ships to behave like cars! The physic is good (ships move pretty much correctly and that's what disturb most people: they think a ship moves like a car). You can really start feeling the ships after a few races, and it great! But of course, you need to do a little effort to learn how to drive, and you need to play more than a minute for this... once you got used, it pretty cool!
Mac Games Rating bruceyk (12/8/2000 - version 1.0)
I played it for about a minute before binning it ... shame. Its clear some effort has been put into trying to make thhis mac game look and feel like a friendly fun Playstation affair, but once you're past the jolly, but ultimately crass menus you get to the truth... this game is a real waste of time! My advise to French Touch - start over, forget all the gloss, only good physics and gameplay matter.
Mac Games Rating Evinyatar (12/8/2000 - version 1.0)
Levels are too short. Realism is lacking a lot. It might be the first high speed boat racing game for the mac, but it certainly isn't a good one.
Mac Games Rating Paul Dunlop (12/7/2000 - version 1.0)
Not to be harsh, but this game is terrible. The worst boat racing game on the Mac would be nice if the boats actually handled as if they were boats on water, not some strange world where normal physics don't exist

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