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Publisher Aspyr Media
Type Update
License Free
Date Added 12/14/2007
Size 424.18 MB
Downloads This Version 512,306
Downloads of All Time 787,607
The Sims 2 Combo Patch
Updates The Sims 2 and all expansion packs.

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Mac Games Rating Den (5/27/2008)
This is from the aspyr support site: Problem: I have lost access to my custom downloaded content after applying a patch for The Sims 2. Solution: This is most often caused by applying more than one expansion pack patch. You only need to apply the patch for the latest expansion pack you have. To regain access to custom content after installing a patch for The Sims 2, try the following: 1 Go to Documents/EA Games/ Sims 2/Downloads 2 move all content from Downloads folder to somewhere safe (sims stuff folder on desktop) 3 repair permissions 4 launch the sims 2 5 close the sims 2 6 Move all downloads back to downloads folder 7 launch game This should allow you to access your lost content again.
Mac Games Rating jlsgaladriel (5/18/2008)
Not only does the patch do nothing to fix innumerable bugs for sims2 on intel macs, it doesn't even make the game stable enough to play. Worse yet, aspyr's been entirely unresponsive, as far as I can tell: they haven't *updated* the patch in months despite how broken it is. C'mon Aspyr, could you at least *pretend* you care about the mac gaming community? The customers you're losing aren't likely to buy any more of your products, you know.
Mac Games Rating Daniel (4/24/2008)
Well I'm not very satisfied with aspyr right now! First off, it says that its going to take more than a day to download when i have an extremely fast connection and right now my sims in general arent working. I did a clean install and since then i just cannot get my sims to work. Whole the PC users are paying half of what we pay for this game AND they get decent patches, we have to pay double the prive for half the quality!!! THANKS ASPYR... FOR NOTHING!!
Mac Games Rating Steven Jones (4/10/2008)
MAC ~ When we installed pets it would not run, installing this patch and pets ran fine, we had to re-do CEP8 to get all the features again though.
Mac Games Rating Vikki Vacca (4/6/2008)
I HATE this patch. Like others have stated I can no longer use the custom content I have downloaded and used for years. This is sooooooo uncool and not acceptable. Aspyr has REALLY screwed up this time. They have lame fixes but recommed u do not use other cc. That is *********. I will never buy another game from aspyr either.
Mac Games Rating Nicole Thompson (4/5/2008)
I am having trouble downloading the Combo Patch. The speed is at 5KB/ sec and this doesn't make sense. I have an extremely fast system and can't even get it in less than 3 days!!!!
Mac Games Rating Tamara (3/23/2008)
Aspyr ought to be ashamed of itself. They have held the Mac gaming community hostage for years with subpar ports of Windows titles, terrible technical support, and these jokes they call patches. Every time they release a "patch" or another expansion it ends up breaking my game, and causing me to have to wipe everything and re-install it. I bought Bon Voyage and lo and behold, it's the same crap over again. Only this time, this patch is to blame, because I can no longer use the thousands of custom objects I've downloaded over the years I've played this game. Do not install this patch if you want to keep your custom objects. I'm voting with my dollars and will be dual booting Win XP on my iMac to game. Aspyr will never see another dime from me again until they clean up their act.
Mac Games Rating J Hendricks (3/6/2008)
The patch installed on my Imac. I am using 10.4.11. However, once I started the Sims backup, it took forever for the bodyshop modem of create a sim to work. It took an hour just to create one sim. The houses took forever to load. I checked all custom downloads and they are for my version of Sims. They were working before I installed this patch. I was hoping it would fix the "I will not install your house, with the package installer, for you problem." I have uninstalled the entire program and am getting ready to install it again, this time with only the first pets patch. Sheee Aspyr get this thing working.
Mac Games Rating drdoctor (3/3/2008)
everything seems to install fine on my mac pro (10.5.2) (i have the patch in place as well), but when i double click on the application, it says, "please inside original disk." is anyone having the same problem or have a solution?
Mac Games Rating Windows not so bad? (3/2/2008)
This is dumb...theres only one site to DL this patch, and its throttled at 5k/sec??? wtf???

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