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Publisher Aspyr Media
Type Tool
License Free
Version 1.8.2v9724
Date Added 8/5/2010
Size 2.3 MB
Downloads This Version 5,159
Downloads of All Time 119,702
Aspyr Game Agent 1.8.2v9724
Match your computer with requirements of Aspyr’s games

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Mac Games Rating Jonathan (3/15/2005 - version 1.1)
Good idea. Too bad it's made by Aspyr and not someone else so it only has Aspyr titles..but oh well. The only thing I absolutely HATED about the app is that you have to use the arrows to scroll... if you use the scrollbar to scroll it moves the whole app in the direction you move the scrollbar!! Very annoying! :(
Mac Games Rating Ben (3/2/2005 - version 1.1)
This is so dumb. All it does is matches the minimum system requirements of the game with your computer. Anyone can do that. It is also very inaccurate. It says that Spearhead should run WELL on my computer but it lags like hell. The listed system requirements for some games are really off. There should be a database where users submit how well the game runs on their computer instead of just the listed system requirements.
Mac Games Rating Joel Rabine (3/1/2005 - version 1.1)
This is a crap program that crashed my mac. Proceed at your own risk!
Mac Games Rating Glenda Adams (3/1/2005 - version 1.1)
Short correction, AGA detects all aspects of upgradeable machines just as well as all-in-one units. It will know if you swap video cards or memory.
Mac Games Rating Andreas Michalak (2/25/2005 - version 1.1)
Only usefull for allinone Macs (imac,pb,ib,imni). All other MAcs which can change CPU and/or GK are not really "tested". An realworld Game Bench would help much more to test gaming speed. They should add an short demo of an newer game and count the fps. So most people would get really : NO GO or SLIDE SHOW or WILL PLAY GOOD values.
Mac Games Rating SB (2/23/2005 - version 1.1)
What a great idea - I think this is cool and useful. Don't get the lame low-rating reviews.
Mac Games Rating The * (1/15/2005 - version 1.0.2)
Why is it so popular? All it does is tell you what Aspyr games will run on your computer...
Mac Games Rating pajap (1/4/2005 - version 1.0.2)
Mac Games Rating dude (12/30/2004 - version 1.0.2)
I like my biscuts in gravy with my chunks of beef floating in the gravy.
Mac Games Rating ... (12/28/2004 - version 1.0.2)
I think that aspry made this so that they would stop people from asking why games like knights of the old republic wont run on there g4. and i hope that it will make people stop saying a game is bad, or that aspyr did a bad port just because there computer is bad

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Aspyr Game Agent
Aspyr Game Agent 1.8.2v9724

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