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Publisher Laminar Research
Type Demo
License $79.00
Version 10.10B9
Date Added 8/27/2012
Size 5.7 MB
Downloads This Version 2,672
Downloads of All Time 90,771
X-Plane 10.10B9
Fly an airplane in this OpenGL-based 3D environment.

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Mac Games Rating jeremy (8/2/2005 - version 8.15)
yo nikodemus, NEVER EVER compare an xbox to a mac, cause an xbox is made by MICROSOFT.MACS N MICROSOFT DONT MIX PLZ.macs are way better. ty.
Mac Games Rating Gras (6/13/2005 - version 8.15b2)
This game rocked. I saw my friend play this game and the graphics were very good. Mac gaming is improving every day, all of you must agree that the best games are on macs. (Except for CS of course gr...)
Mac Games Rating Tristan (6/11/2005 - version 8.15b2)
Nikodemus -- Don't give others English lessons until you've mastered the language yourself.
Mac Games Rating dad (4/6/2005 - version 8.11b1)
there are a few big bugs in this one, get the RC version or wait for 8.11GM
Mac Games Rating Nikodemus (3/27/2005 - version 8.10rc1)
Barry, the word you're looking for is "accept" not "except". And "No", Mac gaming is far from dead. I too own a Playstation2 and that's actually more dead. I mean to say that the little critter is desperately in neading of an upgrade to version 3.0... On another note, the Playstation can't even handle Doom3. The Mac and the XBox can...
Mac Games Rating Conrad Quilty-Harper (3/26/2005 - version 8.10rc1)
Barry, X-Plane is continually being improved. One guy (Austin Meyer) develops this game, and it's his life. It's not another crappy imitation commercialised game. It's a pure bred developer's simulator. Anyway, what are you talking about Mac gaming's dead? In the last week we've had an OS X version of Enemy Territory, OS X version of Savage. Within the last month there have been dozens of amazing new releases, including Doom 3, True Crime and Zero Hour. Anyway, wtf are you doing talking about this in a game reviewing system. Get out! X-Plane is definitely the best Simulator on all platforms. I just bought the DVD version and the version 8 upgrade is definitely worth it.
Mac Games Rating Barry Hater (3/23/2005 - version 8.10b1)
Barry is a nazi.
Mac Games Rating Barry (2/5/2005 - version 8.0.6)
This is the reason I have given up playing games on a mac and purchased a playstation. The top games on this site include a re-make of Duke Nukem 3d and apeirion. That says it all. This game I am reviewing may well be good but the continous posting of updates, in some cases every week is tedious. Mac gaming, sad to say is dying, best except it and move on.
Mac Games Rating bildo (12/11/2004 - version 8.02b2)
good very good
Mac Games Rating benji (11/10/2004 - version 8.0b17)

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