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Publisher Ambrosia Software, Inc.
Type Shareware
License Shareware
Version 1.6.1
Date Added 10/10/2008
Size 14.2 MB
Downloads This Version 5,221
Downloads of All Time 129,251
Uplink 1.6.1
High tech computer crime & industrial espionage

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Mac Games Rating najdorf (2/6/2004 - version 1.3.3)
Great game but -1 for being slow: I don't see why a text game can be slow on modern machines. But then, maybe it's me blind
Mac Games Rating EnochVallarian (2/3/2004 - version 1.3.3)
Runs like sludge on G3 450 running OS 9.2.2 and 256 Megs RAM. Even when running minimal extensions. Seeing others with better machines experience similar performance makes this a "no buy". Too bad because I really like the game but cannot wait for it to do things. Interesting due to the non intensive graphics and such.
Mac Games Rating adam (10/16/2003 - version 1.3.2)
uplink is a good sim, but I can see their is no room for making the game any better, hackers become hackers due to the buzz of system vs reality. his is merely a game inside a computer that could be used for the very hting the game is simulating. and the game runs fine on my g3 i book.
Mac Games Rating Meh (10/12/2003 - version 1.3.2)
Not exactly the least buggy game I've ever played, but neat idea and design. I don't think I'll buy it, but it was fun playing it. Maybe I'll buy it after a few more updates. Oh, and bush, you're stupid. (I always wanted to say that.) Oh, and Nemesis, you're more than stupid. Bots increasing the download counter. Sure, because you know all about how Ambrosia works, seeing how you don't work for them! Go figure.
Mac Games Rating canowopass (10/4/2003 - version 1.3.2)
one kikass game
Mac Games Rating george bush (9/16/2003 - version 1.3.2)
rotten capitalists!! one day you gonna pay for all this "free" shit
Mac Games Rating Can't tell you (9/2/2003 - version 1.3.2)
Beautifil game
Mac Games Rating Nemesis (9/1/2003 - version 1.3.2)
THe concept is interesting but I was hoping for something far better. Performance is really bad if you take into consideration that this is a very basic 2D game, with nearly no animations. Now, Ambrosia should stop using bots to hit the download link to increase the counter. They're promotion methods are sleazy, to say the least.
Mac Games Rating big baba (8/21/2003 - version 1.3.2)
I dont know why you people that have slow Macs rate this game as a 1, its your computer that is slow, not the game. And ive never found games to run too well on a powerbook, and anyway, you cant play this on a powerbook mouse pad, because it moves to slow. Anyway, Good Game!
Mac Games Rating grundy (8/8/2003 - version 1.3.2)
This game runs like molasses in OS 9.2.2 on a G3 500 Powerbook w/256 mgs of ram. I couldn't get past the tutorial as it slowed down to a crawl and eventually froze. A shame. I love Ambrosia's games...

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